Bike Friday Haul-a-Day

Bike Friday Haul-a-Da7A mighty, collapsible midtail cargo bike!

Bike Friday’s Haul-a-Day is G&O’s favorite midtail, because unlike other midtails, this cargo bike doesn’t sacrifice its hauling capacity for a smaller frame.

    • Being smaller sometimes has its advantages. A midtail bike offers many of the same perks of its bigger brother the longtail, but the shorter length makes this cargo bike easier to transport and stow.Bike Friday's Haul-a-Day
    • Haul-a-Day features slings similar to Xtracycle’s Freeloader design and is compatible with many Xtracycle longtail standard accessories.
    • This nimble climber owes it strength to the smaller tires. The 20” tires make the Haul-a-Day lighter and a responsive ride with quick acceleration.
    • The OSATA (One Size Adjust to All) frame coupled with the adjustable seat tube and steering mast makes the Haul-a-Day a bike to be shared–fitting riders tall and small alike.

Prices range from $1,400 to $2,250
Custom G&O Family Cyclery custom builds available.

Family Cyclery Custom Builds
Looking for a little boost? The small rear wheel design helps to electrify this bike. A smaller wheel spins up faster and provides for more torque.

The Oregon company, Bike Friday is well known for collapsible and folding sporty touring bikes. Most of Bike Friday bikes are custom projects, but their new production cargo bike, the Haul-a-Day gives G&O Family Cyclery an opportunity to specify the parts that best accommodate the Seattle terrain. We can help you build your dream bike with special order colors and parts specs.

Next time you’re in, ask us about the Long Haul-a-Day, a full longtail length cargo bike coming soon from Bike Friday.

Questions about the Haul-a-Day? Email Us or call the shop at (206) 363-4663.