The BIG Sale, the BIG Move


Hello, Dear Friends!

I greet you with season’s greetings!

SO NICE to speak with you again. It has been a while, I agree!

What’s been going on, out there? I trust your 2016 has been swell?

Two Thousand and Sixteen! Quite a year! We’ve been pretty busy, around here. The best part has been spending QT with you all and your bikes and your families. We’ve also been enjoying growing the shop, learning even more about bikes and electronics, while simultaneously expanding our team and taking the opportunity to reexamine our mission and our methods for helping you ride bikes more, drive less, and enjoy your life on wheels.

Through all of this we have needed to stay light on our feet, to surf the aftershocks of the Greenwood blast. It has been quite a ride, 2016 has!

Today I’d like to update you on some important stuff. Each, in it’s own way is an ending, but don’t be scared, everything is going to work out!



Here is the “Too Long, Didn’t Read” summary:

  1. The End of the Year Plans for G&O- CLOSING FOR THE YEAR ON DECEMBER 18TH
  2. The End of Year Sale- FOUR DAYS LEFT TO GET UP TO $1,500 OFF A BIKE
  3. The End of Our Time in the “Greenwood Family Cyclery Summer Home”- MOVING TO 8558 GREENWOOD AVE, OPENING AT THE END OF JANUARY



When we blew up in March, we were very lucky be able to find and occupy our temporary Summer Home as quickly as we did. Many hands helped that move along and we were able to keep our interruption down to less than a month, which now feels like quite a miracle. Today, almost ten months later, we are finally ready to announce our new home!

Gillies & Oil Family Cyclery is moving, permanently this time, to 8558 Greenwood Ave!

This is very exciting!

The Summer Home has been nice, but it was always too small, and too temporary. We are very psyched for this new location, and for the opportunity to stretch out a little, and to apply the lessons we have learned from rebuilding this little shop twice already. Bonus: it is only two doors North of where we are now! If you stand on tippy-toes, you can still see the original location! Hopefully, you will have no trouble finding us.

Retail build-outs being what they are, we will need to be closed for a few weeks while we get the new place ready.

We expect to reopen in late January. Stay tuned to this channel for up-to-date updates!


THE END OF 2016, (Finally, Amirite?) 

We’ll be closing the doors at the Summer Home, for good, at 5pm on December 18th. After then, we’ll be busy for the next several weeks: counting inventory, and packing, and moving, and building, and decorating and moving-in, and reopening.

If you need to reach us during the closure, email us!

Davey can be reached at,

Tyler at,

Donald or Karl or SJ at

G&O’s last day of business in 2016 is December 18th!



We still have a few bikes left in our big sale:

The highlights:







Come down and check them out!

Biggest Sale, EVER!


14711318_577244512474756_8156745903727898898_oAnnouncing our End of Year/ Holiday Gift-time/ Moving (Again!) Sale!

This is the biggest sale we have ever held!

Come and clear us out!

25% off
All Kalkhoff and Gazelle ebikes

20% off
All floor demo and rental bikes

15% off
All folding bikes

10% off
All in-stock cargo bikes, including Larry vs Harry Bullitt, Xtracycle EdgeRunner, Yuba Boda Boda, and Bike Friday Hauladay.

10% off
Kids’ bikes

5% off
Tune-ups and service (for repairs above $50)

*offer expires 12-31-16
cannot be combined with other offers

come and visit to learn more!
8554 1/2 Greenwood Ave

Out For Organizing!

We’ll be back for full service and sales on Friday.

Call our shop line if you have an appointment or an emergency.



REOPEN! And Moving Sale Deals! Part One: Trailers and Terns


Hello Pedal Parents and Participating Pedal People!

We have so much to catch up with you about, gosh!

Well, the block blew up, but nobody was badly hurt! And we had to move up the block for the summer. And we don’t know exactly where we’ll reopen permanently. And people have been SOOOOO NICE TO US! Holy moley. Thank you so much, Friendos! We can do it! Together!

We are now moved into our temporary location, at 8554 1/2 Greenwood Ave! and are feeling good! We have all set up shop before a LOT OF times, together in various forms, between working together at the Bikery, Bike Works and G&O!

About that “and a half” from the address: It seems to be very important. So far, it is making us miss some mail. I think the fraction confounds many databases. Also, it feels cool, like an address from a fictional London.

Like 221B Baker Street


and Platform 9 3/4


Anyway, the good news is that we opened the Summer shop, the Greenwood Family Cyclery, today! And it is feeling pretty good in here! We think you’ll like it, too.

It is smaller than our original location, in some ways, and larger in others. The display windows are even bigger than our old ones, which is cute.

Over the next few weeks, as we get settled in here at 8554 1/2 Greenwood, we will need to trim a few perfectly nice things from our offerings, in order to fit into our current digs. That means, MOVING SALE! This is a sale for the sake of moving, more items will be added over time. We may or may not wind up selling our more scuffed and explosion-scratched items for even deeper discounts in the future. Too soon to tell, about that whole process.


So, here’s the literally the literal deal, literally.


The Deal

Burley Encore Trailer, was $480, now $300


Our favorite kid-hauling trailer. Really top quality stuff. Yuuuge.

BT3124-01 BT3124-07


Burley Tail Wagon Trailer, was $400, now $225


This is that trailer that is really great for carrying a dog, even a big dog. Maybe even a dire wolf?

BT3130-01 BT3130-02

Tern Link D8, was $700, now $400

The one we have here at the shop is a cute white and pink. This is a really nice folding commuter bike, at a really great price!

tn-photo-link-d8-wht-newblue-p2 (1)tn-photo-link-d8-wht-newblue-p2-fold (1)


Tern Swoop D8, was $800, now $400


Nicely featured folding bike. The coolest thing about it is the ultra-low stepthrough, and the light weight. The TWO best things are the ultra-low stepthrough, and the low weight, and the fact that it folds up for transport or storage! Among the best things are the ultra-low stepthrough, and the low weight, and the fact that it folds up for transport or storage, and the super-low price!




Tern Verge S11i, with rack and dynamo lights, was $1,800, now $1,200

This is an amazingly well-equipped folding commuter bike. The frame is highest-quality aluminum, the internally-geared hub is a particularly high-class example of its kind, and the dynamo lighting included is very fine, as well! This is the best deal of the batch.

verges11i-unfold-mr-blk-slv verges11i-fold-mr-blk-slv-0  tech-shimano-alfine-11


We’ll be adding things to this sale as time goes on. Coming soon: some perfectly nice and not at all messed up folding bikes, road bikes, trailer-bikes, cargo bikes, and electric bikes!

Specialized, How Rude!


Hey Friends!

Davey Oil, here.

This morning I tweeted about being mad at Specialized.

As someone who cares about sexism in bikes, I am used to being mad at Specialized. They make a lot of sexist ads. They even found a way to make promoting their e-bike into a sexist exhibition!

This time, I was mad at Specialized because some of their ads were plastered on one of G&O’s boarded-up storefronts, the entrance to the service garage that we were getting ready to surprise you with when the explosion required that we relocate. Last time I looked, some nice strangers had taken it upon themselves to paint a cute, colorful mural of some jigsaw puzzle pieces on the plywood there. Many of the boarded up and damaged storefronts in Greenwood have been similarly decorated. It is nice! And that was now totally covered by the posters. That’s rude.


The offending ad included, in a large font, the message, “BETTER BIKES COME FROM BETTER BIKE SHOPS.

That’s the only part that I could read from across the street, and since G&O has been closed for almost a month due to the Greenwood Explosion, at first I assumed that this wheatpaste job was somehow a message to us. Crazy, I know. That’s how your mind works when all you can think about is this one bad night your neighborhood had. When I got closer, I realized that the posters were actually an ad for Specialized Bikes, including a fairly sexist ad for a sporty, pink commuter number, titled, “the Significant Other.”


Like I said, I don’t like Specialized’s marketing. I also do not like the legal attacks against local bike shops and small bike businesses that Specialized has launched.

I tweeted about not digging the ads and a lot of people joined in. It sounds like they all had their own reasons to not be happy with Specialized before this, just like I did.

Tom from the Seattle Bike Blog did his reporter thing and got a few embarrassed quotes from a marketing person at Specialized. The guy calls himself “an asshole,” which is kind of funny. Tom uncovered that the posters were hung by Poster Giant, a local guerrilla marketing team which has made a lot of friends by putting advertisements in places that people wish they wouldn’t, and then being jerks about it.

Later in the day, a reporter from King 5, (on the teevee!) asked me to do an interview about this heinous crime. I loooooove being interviewed, and the shop could use the press, but that’s a bit much. “Mildly angry guy does not like posters.” doesn’t sound like news to me.

I tweeted later in the day that G&O assumes that Specialized and Poster Giant had made another dumb mistake, and that we do not think it was an intentional insult. Because we don’t. That would be crazy and paranoid. Specialized does not know where the back entrance to G&O is, and Poster Giant doesn’t care!

Nobody has retweeted that one. I get that. Being angry is more interesting than calming down.

Still, Tom’s headline, “Specialized apologizes for ‘better bike shop’ ad on wreckage of Greenwood bike shop” is not really correct. Specialized has not apologized. No one from Specialized or Poster Giant has reached out or contacted us. I would appreciate it if they did.

Perhaps a gesture of goodwill, as well? Maybe they could support the Save G&O fund? Or donate to the good work of Familybike Seattle?

What do you think?