Specialized, How Rude!


Hey Friends!

Davey Oil, here.

This morning I tweeted about being mad at Specialized.

As someone who cares about sexism in bikes, I am used to being mad at Specialized. They make a lot of sexist ads. They even found a way to make promoting their e-bike into a sexist exhibition!

This time, I was mad at Specialized because some of their ads were plastered on one of G&O’s boarded-up storefronts, the entrance to the service garage that we were getting ready to surprise you with when the explosion required that we relocate. Last time I looked, some nice strangers had taken it upon themselves to paint a cute, colorful mural of some jigsaw puzzle pieces on the plywood there. Many of the boarded up and damaged storefronts in Greenwood have been similarly decorated. It is nice! And that was now totally covered by the posters. That’s rude.


The offending ad included, in a large font, the message, “BETTER BIKES COME FROM BETTER BIKE SHOPS.

That’s the only part that I could read from across the street, and since G&O has been closed for almost a month due to the Greenwood Explosion, at first I assumed that this wheatpaste job was somehow a message to us. Crazy, I know. That’s how your mind works when all you can think about is this one bad night your neighborhood had. When I got closer, I realized that the posters were actually an ad for Specialized Bikes, including a fairly sexist ad for a sporty, pink commuter number, titled, “the Significant Other.”


Like I said, I don’t like Specialized’s marketing. I also do not like the legal attacks against local bike shops and small bike businesses that Specialized has launched.

I tweeted about not digging the ads and a lot of people joined in. It sounds like they all had their own reasons to not be happy with Specialized before this, just like I did.

Tom from the Seattle Bike Blog did his reporter thing and got a few embarrassed quotes from a marketing person at Specialized. The guy calls himself “an asshole,” which is kind of funny. Tom uncovered that the posters were hung by Poster Giant, a local guerrilla marketing team which has made a lot of friends by putting advertisements in places that people wish they wouldn’t, and then being jerks about it.

Later in the day, a reporter from King 5, (on the teevee!) asked me to do an interview about this heinous crime. I loooooove being interviewed, and the shop could use the press, but that’s a bit much. “Mildly angry guy does not like posters.” doesn’t sound like news to me.

I tweeted later in the day that G&O assumes that Specialized and Poster Giant had made another dumb mistake, and that we do not think it was an intentional insult. Because we don’t. That would be crazy and paranoid. Specialized does not know where the back entrance to G&O is, and Poster Giant doesn’t care!

Nobody has retweeted that one. I get that. Being angry is more interesting than calming down.

Still, Tom’s headline, “Specialized apologizes for ‘better bike shop’ ad on wreckage of Greenwood bike shop” is not really correct. Specialized has not apologized. No one from Specialized or Poster Giant has reached out or contacted us. I would appreciate it if they did.

Perhaps a gesture of goodwill, as well? Maybe they could support the Save G&O fund? Or donate to the good work of Familybike Seattle?

What do you think?

New (Temporary) Full-Service Location!


Heya Friends!

Davey Oil here, from Gillies & Oil Family Cyclery.

Thank you for your support through this difficult time. The Greenwood Explosion was a shocking, damaging blow to our neighborhood and our bike shop. It goes without saying that we thank our lucky stars, guardian angels, and the heroes at Greenwood Fire Station 21 for the safety of our lives and bodies, and those of our neighbors.

The support, emotional, financial and collaborative, of so many customers, business partners and fellow-travelers in the cargo and utility bike movement has been inspiring, to say the least. We emerge from the rubble of this unexpected setback, buoyed up by your love and support. We will never take that love for granted. We will use the strength which you have leant us to work with you to build a better world.

Thank you.

This is to let you know the address of the new, (temporary, but full-service) location of G&O Family Cyclery.

For this Spring, and as much of the Summer as we need to find and move into a newer, bigger, even better home, we are headquartered at:

8554 1/2 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Yeah! That is just up the street from our previous, blown-up location!
Greenwood Prevails!

Customers and visitors: We should be ready to open for full-service and sales within a week or two. Keep an eye on our social media and website for news. We will not be scheduling repairs until we know with total certainty what our opening date will be. Thanks for your patience!

Feel free to email if you have any questions at all.
Our phone lines should be back up and running soon, as well.

And if you haven’t seen this sweet video from our good friends at Xtracycle, grab a hankie and check it out:

Help Save G&O!


Bad news, but a glimmer of hope.

If you haven’t heard, there was a fire and explosion on our block. Our fabulous neighbors at Mr Gyros and Neptune Coffee were badly damaged.

We do not know what this means for G&O but we will work to make sure you and your bikes are well taken care of.

The shop is still standing, but it has suffered major damage. It is unclear whether we will be able to rebuild in our current location, or if that will be impossible and G&O will be forced to relocate.
Whatever happens, we will survive and grow, with you, our amazing friends. Just like our darling Greenwood, we will rise again.

There are at least two fundraising projects ongoing, as well as benefits around the neighborhood. SaveGandO.com has details on how to help!

Many of you have reached out and offered help. Thank you! The response has been overwhelming, and with all the crisis management we have going on, we will likely fail to respond to each of you individually. We regret this, because each and every one of you, individually, rock our world.

All customer bikes currently in our custody are safe, all upcoming appointments will need to be rescheduled. We are so sorry for the interruption in our service and sales support. Bear with us, we’ll be back as soon as we can.

If you are in Greenwood, please, support your local stores and restaurants, we will all need to pull together to get out of this rubble-pile we find ourselves in.

Thank you for helping to Save G&O. We love you!

Sale, Continued!


Hey Buddies!

Last month’s sale was such a fun success that we decided to keep the it going! Here are 5 more wonderful bikes available now, at G&O, at reduced prices!

None of these bikes are used. At most, each has seen maybe 10 miles of use as a test ride bike. We are discounting these bikes for three reasons:

  • we still need to make room for cool new bikes in the shop
  • we got a good deal on the bikes ourselves, and wanna share that savings with you all
  • we really like lowering the price for good, high-quality bikes


Read on, and come by G&O to check out the Sale!

Demo Brompton Blowout!


We have TWO great Brompton folding bikes for sale. These bikes are in excellent condition, with only a few dings, and fully checked out by our mechanics. Both are a sporty red & white, equipped with 6 speeds for conquering hills, and set up to fold amazingly small while still able to hold cargo.

Brompton M6:

  • Standard M handlebars
  • 6 speed, 12% gear reduction
  • Fenders, but no rack
  • Battery tail lights
  • Brompton tires.

Full price, new was $1,900, used price is $1,520

Regular cost: $1,727

sale price: $###

double-super sale price: $###!


  • Smallest folding
  • Fenders

Brompton H6:

  • Upright handlebar position
  • Rear rack


2015 Green Faraday Porteur

Faraday Porteur

Regular cost: $3,850

sale price: $3,500


  • Intuitive Proportional Pedelec E-Assist System
  • Belt-drive
  • Integrated Lights
  • Front Porteur Rack
  • Rear Rack
  • Bamboo fenders

Electric Brompton


Regular cost: $2,875

sale price: $1,999

double-super sale price: $1,875!


  • Speedy Front Hub Motor
  • Folding
  • Rear rack
  • Fenders
  • Large basket

E-Brompton Folded

Tern Link D8 Pink & White

Tern Link D8 Pink:White

Regular cost: $700

sale price: $500


  • Folding
  • 8 speeds
  • Rear Rack
  • Fenders
  • Excellent Value

Tern Link D8 Pink:White folded


Kalkhoff Sahel Impulse 8



Regular cost: $3,800

sale price: $3,000

Our newest bike.


  • Powerful and Reliable Middrive Motor
  • Very Long Range Battery
  • 8 speeds
  • Rear Rack
  • Fenders
  • Dynamo lights
  • Hydraulic Rim Brakes
  • Incredibly Good Quality eBike

End of the Year Sale!


Big news!

Holy Cow.

We are having an end of the year sale!

It is time for us to move on 2015’s experimental bikes, rental bikes, and demo bikes! That means deals!

Wahoo! Cargo and electric bikes at a discount! These are high quality cargo and electric bikes, with a variety of wear and tear, but each one professionally tuned-up and ready for service!

BionX Equipped EdgeRunner, Well Accessorized


IMG_0450sRegular cost: $5,550

sale price: $3,600


more than 35% off! An amazing deal on a super comfortable, super powerful electric EdgeRunner.

This bike has been used as a rental bike and has some paint scuffs. Also, it is marvelous.


  • Nitto Bosco Handlebars!
  • Yepp Mini Mount!
  • Fenders!
  • Hooptie!
  • U-Tubes!
  • Magic Carpet Cushion!
  • Xtracycle X1 Bags!
  • Abus Bordo Lite Lock!
  • Selle Royal Becoz Saddle!
  • Rolling Jackass Centerstand!
  • Disc Brakes!
  • BionX S35o E-Assist System!

Xtracycle EdgeRunner 11i, in Haute Pink, Nicely Equipped



Regular cost: $3,450

sale price: $2,575


more than 25% off! An amazing deal on a basically brand new EdgeRunner.

This is the classiest model of EdgeRunner, yet! We love this bike so much. It has gotten very little action as a test ride bike. We are only discounting this one to make more room in our tiny shop.


  • Hooptie!
  • Xtracycle Kickback Centerstand!
  • Xtracycle Carryall Bags!
  • Feesh Woven Swirl Bag Lids!
  • Lovely, Shiny Fenders!
  • Shimano Dynamo-Generated Lighting, Front and Rear!
  • Shimano Alfine 11 Intertnally-Geared Hub Drivetrain!
  • Shimano Alfine Hydraulic Brakes!
  • A Shiny, Full-Length Chainguard!
  • It is Pink!!!

Xtracycle EdgeRunner 24D



Regular cost: $2,050

sale price: $1,537.50


Exactly 25% off! A screaming bargain on an almost never been ridden EdgeRunner.

This is the bare bones model EdgeRunner. We haven’t found the right family for this one, and we need to make room for other bikes at the shop. It has only been used a couple of times as a test ride bike, and is also basically brand new.


  • Xtracycle Kickback Centerstand!
  • Xtracycle Carryall Bags!
  • Disc Brakes!
  • A Big, Comfy Seat
  • Mounts for Two Yepp Easyfit Seats
  • A Very Low Price for A Bike of Its Kind!

Electric EdgeRunner Cycletruck Show Bike Masterpiece




Regular cost: $6,800

sale price: $4,400


more than 35% off! A ridiculous deal on a unique, super high capacity, super beautiful, super powerful electric EdgeRunner.

This is one of our favorite bikes in the shop! We built this bike to show off at bike shows and to prove that the cycletruck conversion is a sound idea on an EdgeRunner. It certainly has proven to be so. The bike has been ridden very few miles and is another bike which we are moving on mostly to make room for new things at the shop.


  • Cyclefab Cycletruck Conversion!
  • Rolling Jackass Centerstand!
  • Xtracycle X2 Bags!
  • Feesh Eco City Streets Bag Lids!
  • Custom Shiny Fenders!
  • Brooks Special Saddle with Big Gorgeous Copper Rivets!
  • MKS Sylvan Pedals, also Copper!
  • Yepp Junior Kid’s Seat!
  • Odyssey Chase Hawk Tires!
  • Disc Brakes!
  • Wald 157 Delivery Basket!
  • BionX S350 E-assist System!

Electric Brompton!



Regular cost: $2,875

sale price: $1,999

more than 30% off! A fantastic deal on a one of a kind, experimental e-Brompton.

This bike! An electric Brompton, powerful enough for Seattle use. Fun and tough. Still so easy to fold!


  • Two, Striking Colors!
  • Brompton Folding Basket Front Carrier!
  • Crystalyte/ Cycle Analyst Front Hub E-Assist System!
  • 36 Volt, 9ah Battery!



These bikes are each one-of a kind, and when they are gone, they are gone. And so is this awesome sale.