Larry vs Harry Bullitt

Larry vs Harry bullitt bikeThe Larry vs Harry Bullitt is possibly the finest-made production cargo bike in the world.

Designed around the principles of road bike construction, at home in Europe the Bullitt is the sports car of cargo bikes, the cargo bike of choice for couriers and cargo bike racers. While most of us regular folks/ cargo bikers may not need that competitive edge for our daily rides, it is the same factors which make the Bullitt such a speedy wonder bike that make it a bike which climbs well, accelerates quickly and maintains stability while gaining speed going downhill.

This is the right bike for winning a cargo bike race AND hauling laughing, dancing children up and down Seattle hills safely with serious style.

On a box bike, or “bakfiets”, your kids will have the best view of all pedal passengers, riding in front, down low feels like riding a rocket-rollercoaster, while lounging on a couch, and whispering to mama. A box bike can even be fitted with a rain canopy, sheltering passengers from the elements. Strength, stability, safe and dry kiddos (or cargo) make leaving the car keys at home and taking the Bullitt a no-brainer.

G & O Family Cyclery offers custom builds, as well as a few stock specs. The bike featured on this page is an Alivio Bullitt, outfitted with derailleur gears and hydraulic brakes.

Other popular build specs are:

  • SLX Bullitt, featuring the highest-quality derailleur gears and hydraulic brakes
  • Alfine 8 Bullitt, with internal gears and hydraulic brakes
  • G & O’s Specialty N360 Bullitt, with infinitely-variable, wide range internal gears and hydraulic brakes

The Bullitt electrifies nicely with BionX direct drive rear hub motor, (specifically the s350dx system or the new D-Series system).

At G & O, we have developed a specialty front hub motor package, with two battery options, a huge capacity battery hidden in a custom box underneath the cargo deck, or an easily removable battery mounted to the frame.

Questions about the amazing Bullitt? Email Us or call the shop at (206) 363-4663.