MetrofielEvery Metrofiets Cargobike is born in Portland, Oregon from a combination of old world stylings, new world construction, and classic fabrication techniques.

Founders, James Nichols and Phillip Ross, started Metrofiets in 2007 where it has grown up, in, and around the local craftsmanship community. Beginning as an experiment in alternative bike building, the Cargobike turned so many heads Nichols and Rose decided to take their passion to the masses.

The Cargobike’s unique geometry and durable materials allow for a highly maneuverable bike that can carry up to 400 lbs of rider and cargo. The sleigh box is designed around the rider to provide ample room for your knees and shins during hillclimbs. It’s also removable to accept alternative platforms for all your cargo needs (kegs, bathtubs, couches, kids). The Metrofiets Cargobike is also outfitted with modern cycling components that complement the bikes unique capabilities. Keeping you safe while moving that precious cargo.

Questions about the Metrofiets? Email Us or call the shop at (206) 363-4663.