Sale, Continued!

Hey Buddies!

Last month’s sale was such a fun success that we decided to keep the it going! Here are 5 more wonderful bikes available now, at G&O, at reduced prices!

None of these bikes are used. At most, each has seen maybe 10 miles of use as a test ride bike. We are discounting these bikes for three reasons:

  • we still need to make room for cool new bikes in the shop
  • we got a good deal on the bikes ourselves, and wanna share that savings with you all
  • we really like lowering the price for good, high-quality bikes


Read on, and come by G&O to check out the Sale!

Demo Brompton Blowout!


We have TWO great Brompton folding bikes for sale. These bikes are in excellent condition, with only a few dings, and fully checked out by our mechanics. Both are a sporty red & white, equipped with 6 speeds for conquering hills, and set up to fold amazingly small while still able to hold cargo.

Brompton M6:

  • Standard M handlebars
  • 6 speed, 12% gear reduction
  • Fenders, but no rack
  • Battery tail lights
  • Brompton tires.

Full price, new was $1,900, used price is $1,520

Regular cost: $1,727

sale price: $###

double-super sale price: $###!


  • Smallest folding
  • Fenders

Brompton H6:

  • Upright¬†handlebar position
  • Rear rack


2015 Green Faraday Porteur

Faraday Porteur

Regular cost: $3,850

sale price: $3,500


  • Intuitive Proportional Pedelec E-Assist System
  • Belt-drive
  • Integrated Lights
  • Front Porteur Rack
  • Rear Rack
  • Bamboo fenders

Electric Brompton


Regular cost: $2,875

sale price: $1,999

double-super sale price: $1,875!


  • Speedy Front Hub Motor
  • Folding
  • Rear rack
  • Fenders
  • Large basket

E-Brompton Folded

Tern Link D8 Pink & White

Tern Link D8 Pink:White

Regular cost: $700

sale price: $500


  • Folding
  • 8 speeds
  • Rear Rack
  • Fenders
  • Excellent Value

Tern Link D8 Pink:White folded


Kalkhoff Sahel Impulse 8



Regular cost: $3,800

sale price: $3,000

Our newest bike.


  • Powerful and Reliable Middrive Motor
  • Very Long Range Battery
  • 8 speeds
  • Rear Rack
  • Fenders
  • Dynamo lights
  • Hydraulic Rim Brakes
  • Incredibly Good Quality eBike

One Comment on “Sale, Continued!

  1. Visited your shop a couple of weeks ago, but read that you were damaged by the explosion. My thoughts are with you if that is the case. Was impressed with your vision and your style, and hope you all are ok and your business can recover.

    All the best,

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