Xtracycle Edgerunner

Xtracycle EdgerunnerWe love this bike!

From the creators of the popular longtail FreeRadical and a vast catalog of multi-manufacturer compatible accessories and bikes, comes Xtracycle’s EdgeRunner.

What makes this cargo bike unique is the 20” rear wheel. This small wheel design creates a much more stable ride than other longtail bikes. Among its attributes, the small wheel:xtracycle biker gang

  • lends strength and reliability
  • shortens the overall bike length which increases the ease of storage
  • lowers the center of gravity of the cargo and/or passengers
  • preserves the “rides just like a bike” natural ride experience

Four manufacturer stock models and G&O Family Cyclery custom builds are available.
Prices range from $1,999 to $5,749.
Custom builds are available.

EdgeRunner Stock Models Specs

EdgeRunner 24D the entry level bike, a good choice for those on a tighter budget, especially if they do not have too many hills in their life

EdgeRunner 27D is a real nice bike. with great quality drivetrain components, as well as mechanical disk brakes of very good quality

EdgeRunner 30D the lightest and highest performing EdgeRunner, equipped with excellent quality hydraulic disk brakes

EdgeRunner 10e features a fantastic integrated electric Bosch middrive, to get the whole family up those steep hills, and hydraulic disk brakes to stop at the bottom

The EdgeRunner works with all of Xtracycle’s high-quality accessories, including the revolutionary Hooptie, as well as the Seattle-designed and built Rolling Jackass center stand and Car Sick Design’s excellent cargo bike slings, commissioned especially for our shop!

View an except from The Birth of an American Cargo Bike documentary

G&O Family Cyclery Electrifiable Custom Builds

Looking for a little boost? The small rear wheel design helps to electrify this bike. A smaller wheel spins up faster and provides for more torque, which is exactly what you need in a hill-climbing, Seattle cargo bike!

EdgeRunner is electrifiable with all of Family Cyclery’s high-quality and reliable e-bike retrofit options, from BionX, eZee, Grin Technologies, Hill Topper and others.

Currently, it is the only bike compatible with the revolutionary Cycle Stoker, aka the Right Side Stokemonkey.

We also offer a budget-friendly dynamo lighting package, specially designed for the EdgeRunner.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“EdgeRunner: Best longtail ever. No contest.”
Dori Apollonio, June 23, 2014, “Hum of the City” family cycling blog.
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Questions about the EdgeRunner? Email Us or call the shop at (206) 363-4663.