Bike Friday Haul-A-Day, Haula Abdul Edition

Bike Friday Haul-A-Day, Haula Abdul Edition


Unlike many midtails, the Haul-A-Day doesn’t sacrifice its hauling capacity for a smaller frame.

One of our favorite midtails, the Haul-A-Day is the creation of well-known, Oregon-based, collapsible and folding bike maker, Bike Friday.

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Visit our Seattle location to get to know this bike in person. Our friendly staff will help you learn everything you need to know to make an educated investment in your next family bike.


  • Made in the USA!  Better yet...made in Eugene! No kidding, this bike and all the great accessories are made in Eugene at the Bike Friday factory.  
  • Test ride today, get a custom Haul-a-Day in 5-8 weeks. Bikes are made to order on an individual basis.  We recommend you test ride one in our store and our staff will guide you through the customization process. 
  • Did we mention there are 14 available colors? No kidding!
  • Frame adjusts to fit riders 4’6″ to 6’4″. This is pretty darn important, especially for families where multiple adults are sharing one bike.  Heck, with the size range of the Haul-a-Day, you can even share this bike with your teenage babysitter.
  • Remarkably light weight. The Haul-a-Day starts at just 33 pounds - making it the lightest weight cargo bike in its class- by a large margin.
  • Fits up to two children on the rear rack! This bike is great for carrying little kid/toddlers.  Easily carry one bigger kid on the back.  Because of the low rear rack and small rear wheel, carrying an adult may be challenging.
  • Stands upright on its rear end for a very small footprint. Great for parking in tight spaces.
  • Can be disassembled into three pieces for packing. How cool is that?
  • Fits on many transport racks: bus, car, and train. Unlike longtails with similar cargo capacity, the Haul-a-Day is compatible with bus racks and fits well on mass transit.


It's debatable whether this bike is a true midtail, or actually a longtail in disguise. The reason for the debate is rooted in the 20" front and rear wheel design.  Even with a longer wheelbase, the smaller wheel size can shave as much as 10" off the overall wheelbase.  What you get with the Haul-A-Day is a midtail length bike with all the benefits of a longtail.  That's pretty cool.

In the Haula Abdul Edition, Bike Friday's own HD frame and fork is combined with an entirely upgraded selection of parts and accessories, based on G&O Lead Mechanic Donald's extensive kid-hauling, product-testing, and hot-rodding of his own first generation Haul-A-Day.

Pair it with handmade accesories like the Rolling Jackass Centerstand, or Carsick Designs Cargo Slings, and you've got a truly powerful and lightweight midtail cargo bike!

Bike Friday has engineered a range of accessories that pair with their bike which range from simple stoker handlebars, to wrap around bigger-kid security rails, to double-legged kickstands, bags and more.  Which bears on price - while the starting price for an 8-speed version of the bike can be as low as $1250, if you're looking to use the Haul-A-Day as a family bike you should budget around $2000 to cover the cost of necessary accessories. 


Bike Friday warranties their frames against defects in material and/or workmanship for 10 years. Warranty is non-transferrable. Bicycle components (excluding tires, chain, cables, etc.) generally have a 1 year limited warranty.


FRAME Cromoly steel
FORK Rigid cromoly
SIZE Frame is adjustable
BIKE WEIGHT Starts ast 33 lbs
WHEELS 20" double-wall rims
SPOKES 36 Spokes Front & Rear
TIRE Schwalbe Big Apple
HUB {more spec info needed}
SEAT {more spec info needed}
SEATPOST Highly adjustable
BRAKE {more spec info needed}
DRIVETRAIN 8sp, 24sp or 27sp
SHIFTER Depends on drivetrain
HANDLEBARS {more spec info needed}
HEADSET {more spec info needed}
STEM {more spec info needed}
FENDERS Optional
FRONT RACK Lowrider available
KICKSTAND........... Yes


Product details and specs are subject to change, errors and omissions.