Bike Swift Meridian Rear Hub Electric Conversion Kit

Bike Swift Meridian Rear Hub Electric Conversion Kit


A powerful hub-motor conversion kit from BionX that works great on bikes with 26" or larger rear wheels. 

Features a lightweight and heat-dissipating composite motor shell and a large diameter motor for high torque and fast acceleration. 

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Visit our Seattle location to get to know this bike in person. Our friendly staff will help you learn everything you need to know to make an educated investment in your next family bike.


  • Local Seattle company - Bike Swift is a local company offering affordable, quality electric assist kits with an industry standard 2-year warranty.
  • Rear hub motor - Featuring up to 1 horsepower (750 watts) of assistance - that's a sprinting pro cyclist! Or or horse!
  • 20-50 mile range - A 650 watt-hour frame-locking battery with the latest lithium cells from Panasonic
  • Seamless integration with rider pedaling - and the option of a handlebar-mounted throttle
  • Installation partner - If you've purchased your e-assist system from Bike Swift, we act as a trained and supported installation partner where you can get your system professionally installed.


Rear hub motor solutions concentrate the drive power where you're used to having it - in rear wheel. Bike Swift's affordable Meridian rear hub system features top technology at a fraction of the price, with no sacrificing warranty commitment.

We can quickly assess your bike's compatibility with a BionX system in our store and help you understand the costs associated with upgrading your conventional bike to an electric bike.


Bike Swift offers a 2 year limited warranty on their electric components.