BionX P350 Electric Conversion Kit

BionX P350 Electric Conversion Kit


A tried-and-true hub motor conversion kit with a realistic range of 30 or more miles per charge.

BionX works with many different bikes and wheel sizes. We most often use the PL-350 system with 20" rear wheels when retrofitting Xtracycle EdgeRunners and Bike Friday Haul-a-Days.

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Visit our Seattle location to get to know this bike in person. Our friendly staff will help you learn everything you need to know to make an educated investment in your next family bike.


  • Extend your range with battery options - Family bikes often require a larger battery to handle the heavier loads -  the P350 system now can be ordered with a 555 Wh li-ion battery.
  • Regeneration mode engages when braking - BionX regeneration mode will recharge the battery automatically when engaging the brakes, or can also be manually engaged via the console to slow a long descent and boost your battery level.
  • Multiple console choices - G2 and G3 consoles offer substantial data feedback for the rider that's easy to visualize and understand.
  • Quiet operation and throttle button - Unlike some mid-drive systems, the BionX hub motor is incredibly quiet.  Use the 'magic red button' (i.e. the throttle) to boost your power once moving - you cannot throttle from a stop.
  • Change settings on the fly - Advanced users rejoice, BionX enables you to change many settings on the console to suit your riding style.
  • 350 W motor is mighty when paired with a 20" rear wheel. If you're thinking about electrifying a bike with a wheel larger than 20", we recommend the D500 system from BionX.  However, for our 20" rear wheel bikes (shown below), this system is perfectly matched for hill climbing and cruising alike.


BionX is a Canadian company that specializes in aftermarket electric assist conversion systems for bicycles.  We here at G&O have been working with BionX since our very first days as a bike shop.  BionX has shown, over time, good reliability and performance, even with the increased demands of kid-carrying cargo bikes on Seattle streets. 

We can special order just about any BionX kit available, but we specialize in two kids - the P350 and D500 systems.  The P350 is a kit well suited for bikes with 20" rear wheels.

We can quickly assess your bike's compatibility with a BionX system in our store and help you understand the costs associated with upgrading your conventional bike to an electric bike.


BionX offers an industry-leading 3 year limited warranty when you register your product with BionX after purchase.