Riese and Müller Supercharger

Riese and Müller Supercharger

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Riese & Müller is one of the first brands to bring the Bosch PowerTube battery to North America.

Upping the integration game yet again - the Supercharger sports dual PowerTube batteries, front suspension, an optional front rack, Rohloff E-14 shifting and so much more.

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The Supercharger is a versatile bike the blends the very best in electric bikes, hardtail cruisers, off-road capable hardtails, even super-fast commuters.  This is the "Super" sized version of Riese & Muller's most popular bike in their native German market, the Charger.

The most distinctive characteristic of the Supercharger is the Bosch PowerTube batteries that integrate into the frame.  Each Supercharger comes with dual 500 Wh Powertube batteries for a range of 100 mi + per battery charge. Take that Tesla! The Supercharger is a simply magnificent execution of of battery/motor/transmission integration on one exquisite bike. 


  • Integrated batteries look cool and improve handling! Seriously up your cool factor with this cutting edge design which actually makes the bike handle by placing the battery weight centered and low on the bike.

  • Performance oriented & versatile. If you're looking for a bike that can pretty much do it all, the Supercharger will rise to the top of your list, especially if extended range is your need.

  • Dual PowerTube batteries. Be the first on your block to own not one, but two Bosch PowerTube integrated batteries - cleverly concealed within the frame of the Supercharger.

  • Bosch Performance Speed motor goes to 28 mph. Speed along at an ungodly pace when you opt for the Bosch Performance Speed motor.

  • Bosch CX Drive delivers the highest torque. Shy of getting super technical, just know that if you have steep hills to climb, the Bosch CX Drive will make you feel super human.

  • Enviolo continuously variable transmission. Smooth gear transitions and shift at a stop are just a few of the benefits of the Enviolo internally geared hub.

  • Optional 14-speed Rohloff E-14 electronically shifting internal hub. Get the very best in terms of gear range, low service, and crisp shifting, now with electronic integration with the Bosch motor system.

  • Front suspension means front-end comfort. Comes standard with the Suntour Aion front suspension fork for cushion and comfort. Includes a thud buster seeatpost to soak up bumps in the rear.

  • Commuter Capable. Front and rear racks help you carry groceries, camping gear, kid seats and more.

  • 6-8 week delivery time. Assembly and shipping from Germany can take about this long.


FRAME Aluminum
FORK Suntour Aion Air, 100mm
SIZE 46cm, 49cm, 53cm
MOTOR Bosch CX or Performance Speed
POWER PACK 1 or 2 PowerTube 500 Wh
CONSOLE Bosch Intuvia
RANGE 50 mi/100mi
ASSIST MAX 20/28 mph
RIMS Mach 1 650B
TIRE Schwalbe Big Ben+ Reflex
FRONT HUB Novatec 32H
REAR HUB Shimano XT/Nuvinci N380 SE/Rohloff
SEAT Selle Royal New Lookin Moderate Male
SEAT POST Cane Creek Thudbuster ST
BRAKE Shimano Deore
TRANSMISSION XT 11-sp/Nuvinci/Rohloff 14-sp
SHIFTER XT/Nuvinci/Rohloff
HANDLEBARS Humpert Ergotec ErgoXXL
STEM Humpert Ergotec
REAR LIGHT B&M Toplight Mini
FENDERS Included
KICKSTAND............ Yes


Riese & Müller warranties their frame against breakage for 10 years (5 years for ebikes). Warranty requires registration within 4 weeks and is non-transferrable..  Individual accessories and components have a 1 year limited warranty. Bosch components carry a 2 year warranty. 


Product details and specs are subject to change, errors and omissions.