Surly Big Dummy

Surly Big Dummy


This is the bike we'd want to use to take our toddlers on a continent's long bicycle ride.

In 2008, Surly and Xtracycle teamed up to make the Big Dummy an excellent longtail bike. The longtail frame is stiffer and has a higher load capacity than a FreeRadical-equipped bike.

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The Big Dummy is almost 10 years old and honestly, it's changed surprisingly little in that time.  Minor frame design tweaks, the inevitable spec changes, and of course Surly chucking Xtracycle accessories for their own - all in all the Big Dummy remains one of those classic designs that needs little updates.  The most significant change came in the form of a new bike, The Big Fat Dummy, which as you might guess is a Big Dummy with oversized "fat bike" tires.  

The Big Dummy spec is a 3 x 10 derailleur drivetrain (which mixes Microshift shifters, Deore front derailleur and a SRAM rear derailleur), Avid mechanical disc brakes, and plenty of sturdy spec choices when it comes to wheels, spokes, hubs, etc.  Like many Surly bikes, it doesn't flaunt itself with flashy spec choices - it really emphasizes quality parts with a long life expectancy.

As far as accessories, the Surly comes with racks, collars to secure the racks to the frame, Surly designed cargo bags and an aluminum deck made of a machined 1/4" sheet of aluminum.  The accessories lack some of the nuanced refinement of say, Xtracycle's quest for the perfect modular cargo bag system, but the Surly stuff has that patently useful, durable Surly flavor.


  • 26" wheels front and rear. It's funny to even have to state this fact, but cargo and family bike wheel sizes are all over the place these days. Surly's Big Dummy is built around the classic 26" wheel size, with room for wider tires (up to 2.5" with fenders).

  • Steel is real. Surly prides themselves on shying away from aluminum. There are plenty of great aluminum family and cargo bikes, but the Big Dummy presents a comfortable, trusted ride.

  • Compatible with some Xtracycle accessories...Just call us. Surly originally designed their bike to be fully Xtracycle accessory compatible, but over time Surly has gotten more into making their own stuff. If you have questions about the current compatibility state of affairs, give us a ring. 206-363-4663

  • Kid seat compatible! There was a time there where it wasn't quite clear if Surly was on board with kids on their bikes. Surly has now bestowed their grouchy blessing upon the Yepp Maxi for carrying smaller kids. No other seat options are sanctioned and will void your warranty.

  • What's the deal with Surly's colors? 2017 Big Dummy colors are black and green. They have clever names for them, we are going to refrain from giving Surly the satisfaction of reprinting them here. First of all, Surly uses a paint technology known as powder coating. Different from traditional wet paint, powder coating is a powder that is electrostatically drawn to the frame and then baked on in a kiln. It's a very durable paint solution, and some say more environmentally friendly too.

  • Can be enhanced with Car Sick Design's excellent cargo bike slings.. An alternative to Big Dummy bags (included with the bike), US made Car Sick Design slings are commissioned especially for our shop!

  • Buy now, electrify later. We can recommend several systems to electrify this bicycle now or in the future as your kids grow.


FRAME 4130 Chromoly
FORK 4130 Chromoly
SIZE 16", 18",20", 22"
RIMS 26" Alex Adventurer
SPOKES Stainless
TIRE Schwalbe Big Apple 26" x 60mm
HUBS Shimano Deore M525 QR Disc
SEAT WTB Volt Sport
SEATPOST 2-Bolt. 27.2mm
CRANKSET TruVativ 48/36/26
BRAKE Avid BB7 Mechanical
COGSET Microshift 10sp 11-36t
HEADSET Cane Creek 40
STEM 4 Bolt 31.8mm clamp
FENDERS Optional
REAR RACK Included
KICKSTAND........... Single-sided


This Surly product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for three years from the date of retail purchase of the product, subject to the limitations detailed below. Save your dated receipt for proof of purchase. Full warranty details can be found at the Surly website.


Product details and specs are subject to change, errors and omissions.