Xtracycle EdgeRunner Classic

Xtracycle EdgeRunner Classic


The EdgeRunner Classic features a front thru-axle, straight bladed fork, quality Shimano components and basic accessories.

Upgrade to the X3 bag system and KickBack 3  and you might just have the most thoroughly thought-out cargo bike system ever made.

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Visit our Seattle location to get to know this bike in person. Our friendly staff will help you learn everything you need to know to make an educated investment in your next family bike.


  • A Slightly New Design for 2017 The EdgeRunner Classic hews closely to the original EdgeRunner while making subtle, smart changes to enhance safety and stiffness, not to mention simplicity.

  • Notable Change #1: Straight Blades & Thru Axles. Nerdy bike terminology aside, the straight bladed fork and 15mm through front axle mean that you get more stiffness in the front end of your bike, and better safety. We like safety.

  • Included Accessories: Price above includes a KickBack 3, 2 V-Racks, 4 RackLocks, FlightDeck, Wheelskirts and Handlebar Stabilizer. Sweet!

  • Notable Change #2: Seatpost Reinforcement Strut. A nice touch to keep things stiff - reminds us of the Big Dummy.

  • Notable Change #3: Keeping It Simple! Xtracycle went very broad with numbers of models and colors a few years back - it frankly made our heads spin. For 2017, choose between the Classic (in black or blue) and the Swoop (in blue only), or the EdgeRunner 10E - Bosch powered electric.

  • Extend your cargo capacity with the Porter Rack & Pack. Every Swoop is front rack ready. The Porter Rack and Pack are beautiful designed, simple and make riding a bike even more practical and convenient.

  • Compatible with Rolling Jackass center stand or KickBack 3. Choose from a Seattle-designed and built Rolling Jackass centerstand for ultimate stability and safety. Or get the new KickBack 3 from Xtracycle which borrows heavily from the Rolling Jackass design.

  • Can be enhanced with Car Sick Design's excellent cargo bike slings, or X3 bag system. An alternative to Xtracycle's exciting new X3 bag system, US made Car Sick Design slings are commissioned especially for our shop!

  • Incredible worksmanship & quality. Xtracycle doesn't mess around when it comes to well thought out designs.

  • The right materials to achieve the right feel. Xtracycle's frame and fork are 100% Cromoly steel for a supple ride feel. Racks and accessories are aluminum for light weight and rigidity.

  • Buy now, electrify later. We can recommend several systems to electrify this bicycle now or in the future as your kids grow.


The new EdgeRunner Classic offers a refined expression of several years of experimentation with the EdgeRunner design. New features for 2017 include: a 15mm front thru-axle for performance and safety and minor frame changes to enhance overall rigidity and stability. 

Xtracycle opted for a Shimano Acera shadow drivetrain which is a nice blend of performance, weight and value. Enjoy smooth shifting through 27 gears and excellent stopping power thanks to Shimano hydraulic brakes. Reflective Schwalbe Big Ben tires offer excellent flat protection and extra visibility, 

Classic comes in two colors (black or blue) and is available in three sizes (S, M, L).  As ever, the EdgeRunner remains highly configurable. Keep that in mind when thinking about pricing - the standard price only includes the mesh wheelguards pictured - everything else (kickstands, bags, kid equipment) cost extra. But don't worry - it's worth it.  Xtracycle's products have excellent resale value and amazing reliability.

EdgeRunner Design: EdgeRunner was the first production longtail to switch to a 20” rear wheel. This small wheel design creates a much more stable ride than other longtail bikes. The small wheel also shortens the overall bike length which increases the ease of storage and lowers the center of gravity of the cargo and/or passengers preserving a natural ride experience.


FRAME Chromoly
FORK Chromoly
BIKE LENGTH 84 inches
RIMS 26"/20" double-wall rims
SPOKES 36 Spokes Front & Rear
TIRE Schwalbe Big Apple
HUB Formula DC-91 Sealed Bearing
SEAT Xtracycle Anatomic Saddle
SEATPOST 31.6mm, 350/400mm, SM/LG
BRAKE Shimano Hydraulic
DRIVETRAIN Shimano Acera 10-speed
SHIFTER Shimano Acera 10-speed
HANDLEBARS 640mm Width, 25mm Rise
STEM 70/120mm Extension S/LG
FENDERS Optional
KICKSTAND........... Yes


S Best for riders: 4'10" - 5'4"
M Best for riders: 5'4" - 5'10"
L........ Best for riders: 5'10" - 6'4"


Xtracycle warrants each frame, fork, and original component part of the bicycle against defects in workmanship and materials. The bicycle frame and fork are covered for three years (may be extended with online registration).  Individual accessories and components (excluding tires, chain, and tubes) have a 1 year limited warranty.


Product details and specs are subject to change, errors and omissions.