Xtracycle Leap Conversion Kit

Xtracycle Leap Conversion Kit


Breathe new life into your beloved bike. Works with all Xtracycle Longtail Standard decks, bags and accessories.

Park your car, haul your veggies and kiddos--and join the cargo bike revolution! Converting your bike into a longtail can be the most economical way to get hauling with a quality cargo bike.

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Visit our Seattle location to get to know this bike in person. Our friendly staff will help you learn everything you need to know to make an educated investment in your next family bike.


  • No more high steppin'The time has come for low step longtails. Swoop leads the pack with the lowest-step/highest stability ratio.
  • EdgeRunner has been one of our most popular bikes.  The EdgeRunner - electric and standard drive - remain one of our most popular bikes because of the quality, versatility and amazing ride feel.
  • Extend your cargo capacity with the Porter Rack & Pack. Every Swoop is front rack ready.  The Porter Rack and Pack are beautiful designed, simple and make riding a bike even more practical and convenient.
  • Compatible with Rolling Jackass center stand or KickBack 3. Choose from a Seattle-designed and built Rolling Jackass centerstand for ultimate stability and safety. Or get the new KickBack 3 from Xtracycle which borrows heavily from the Rolling Jackass design. 
  • Can be enhanced with Car Sick Design's excellent cargo bike slings, or X3 bag system. An alternative to Xtracycle's exciting new X3 bag system, US made Car Sick Design slings are commissioned especially for our shop!
  • Incredible worksmanship & quality. Xtracycle doesn't mess around when it comes to well thought out designs. 
  • Fantastic handling. Xtracycle worked long and hard to crack the longtail handling nut. The EdgeRunner is easy to ride, loaded or not. 
  • The right materials to achieve the right feel.  Xtracycle's frame is Cromoly steel for supple ride feel.  Racks and accessories are aluminum for light weight and rigidity.
  • Buy now, electrify later. We can recommend several systems to electrify this bicycle now or in the future as your kids grow.


If you've held back from buying a longtail - not because of how it rides, but because of how difficult it can be to dismount with a heavy load, the Swoop is here to save the day. Swoop is a deep step-through model that is every bit as stable as the traditional EdgeRunner. A 15mm thru-axle fork brings performance and safety to the longtail design by increasing torsional rigidity and giving you better control over your bike.

Xtracycle opted for a Shimano Acera shadow drivetrain which is a nice blend of performance, weight and value. Enjoy smooth shifting through 27 gears and excellent stopping power thanks to Shimano hydraulic brakes. Reflective Schwalbe Big Ben tires offer excellent flat protection and extra visibility, 

Swoop comes in three sizes (S, M, L) and is highly configurable. Keep that in mind when thinking about pricing - the standard price only includes the mesh wheelguards pictured - everything else (kickstands, bags, kid equipment) cost extra.  But don't worry - it's worth it.  Xtracycle's products have excellent resale value and amazing reliability.

EdgeRunner Design: EdgeRunner was the first production longtail to switch to a 20” rear wheel. This small wheel design creates a much more stable ride than other longtail bikes. The small wheel also shortens the overall bike length which increases the ease of storage and lowers the center of gravity of the cargo and/or passengers preserving a natural ride experience.


This is a conversion kit for your bike - not a complete bike.  In fact, your bike becomes a longtail in the process of conversion with the Xtracycle Leap kit. Thus, specs below refer only to the Leap conversion.

Frame.......................... Powder coated, TIG welded, high tensile steel construction with CrMo extension tube. Post Mount: 180mm

Frame Steel top and bottom plates with 75mm bolt and spacers.

Extension Tube 3D forged aluminum 31.8mm x 365mm, 90mm minimum insert.

Security Clamp Alloy clamp with security cable and anti-chafe housing.

Dropout Bolts 2x Custom dropout bolt, M10 x 38mm with nylock nut and spring washer. 2x Custom spacers 5.8x9.6x10.2mm

Tail Fixing Bolts M6x1.0 x 20mm w/ 2 washers and a nylock. SET of 4 M6x1.0 x 14mm w/ 1 lock washer. SET of 2


Xtracycle warrants each frame, fork, and original component part of the bicycle against defects in workmanship and materials. The bicycle frame and fork are covered for three years (may be extended with online registration).  Individual accessories and components (excluding tires, chain, and tubes) have a 1 year limited warranty.