Yuba Flip Flop Kick Bike

Yuba Flip Flop Kick Bike


An ingenious balance bike design that accommodates new riders from ages 2-6.  Flip flop design allows for a huge size range difference.

Features a rear cargo rack and optional rear kid-sized panniers and front kid-sized basket pack.

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  • Adjust frame size more than any other balance bike
  • Lowest Stand Over height = youngest starting age
  • Longest range of use of any balance bike 15 months to 6yrs old
  • Light aluminum frame
  • Includes Rack
  • Cow, Giraffe and Lime colors
  • 11-20" top tube height


1 year limited warranty to original owner.



Introducing the world’s first kids’ cargo bike and balance trainer: the Flip Flop. Designed for children ages 1 to 6, the Flip Flop teaches your child how to ride a bike without bulky training wheels by allowing them to scoot along with their feet securely on the ground. Our patented “flippable” frame grows along with your child. Simply flip over the frame to add an inch and extend its use for up to a year longer.


    Approx Age 1-6 years
    Wheel Size 12"
    Frame Material Aluminum
    Front Reflector.... Yes
    Rear Reflector Yes
    Product details and specs are subject to change, errors and omissions.