Avoid the Viadoom with an eBike!


You have probably heard about the #viadoom, aka the "Period of Maximum Constraint," when the Alaskan Way Viaduct is taken down and the Bertha tunnel is still yet online, and Metro buses are moved from the Transit Tunnel to the surface streets. Driving downtown is going to be tricky. Riding a bike is not! Now is the time to get a new bike. If you’ve been nervous about the hills or the length of your commute, an eBike is for you. If you are worried about daycare and school drop off combined with your commute, our selection of family friendly eBikes has you covered.

To help you combat Viadoom we are hosting a special sale of 5% off any new bike next weekend on Saturday, January 12 & Sunday, January 13th. This discount may combine with other offers!

“I’ve got #99problems but my bike ain’t one.” - Zach Shaner

Nate ByerleyComment