Mechanic's Corner: eBike Classification Decoded

Have you seen a Class 1 sticker on a bike and wondered what that meant? Or perhaps you've been considering an eBike but were uncertain about where you could ride it? You are not alone. The classification of eBikes is something that can be confusing so we are here to straighten it out.

Class 1: A bicycle with pedal assist and a motor that stops providing assistance at 20 mph. You can ride a Class 1 eBike anywhere a conventional bicycle can go.  

Class 2: A bicycle where the motor can propel the bike without pedaling by using a throttle, but doesn’t go above the 20 mph speed cap. A class 2 bicycle can also go anywhere a conventional bicycle can go. 

Class 3: The motor on a class 3 bicycle can go up to 28 mph before it stops providing assistance. This class of bikes is not allowed on a shared use path or sidewalk.

Nate ByerleyComment