Mechanic's Corner: Bosch Motors Explained

At our shop we love Bosch motors! They are reliable, effective and supported by the best network of suppliers and retailers in the ebike world! Bosch provides a diverse range of motors that serve the many different kinds of bikes in our shop. From kid hauling cargo bikes to comfortable commuters Bosch has the right kind of motor for your bike. If you want to learn more check out the Bosch website. One of our favorite features is the range calculator that can help you determine a more accurate range for your bike. Read on as we identify some key features of each of the motors in the 2019 Bosch lineup.

Bosch Performance Line

  • This sporty Bosch motor offers great support for our Western Washington hills. The Performance Line is powerful and dynamic. 

Bosch Performance Line Speed

  • If you are looking for a higher speed bike this is the Bosch motor for you! High speed bikes have cap at 28 MPH, unlike all of the other motors that are limited to 20 MPH.

Bosch Performance Line CX

  • The CX motor has the most torque and the quickest acceleration and has the power to haul the heaviest loads up the biggest hills.

Bosch Active Line

  • The Active Line is lighter, quieter and more efficient than the other motors. It features a full size chain ring, a smoother ride with the power turned off and is a great option for commuter bikes.

Bosch Active Line Plus

  • The Active Line Plus offers more torque than the Active Line but is still light, quiet and battery efficient.

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