A Very Carthaginian Photo Roundup

Hey, Buuuudy! Much doings over here at Casa Oil. Lady Oil is growing a baby in her belly, Little Oil is using the potty and making jokes about it, Davey Oil is hard at work on the Big Secret Cargo Bike Project and also working part time in the shop at Bike Works, which has been great fun.

Here's a photo roundup of some of the very serious bike happenings we've observed the last couple weeks. Enjoy!


Back at the Fremont bike counter. We're 1,002!


Recently in the comments, somebody asked me, "How do I keep my kid warm on the bike?" Little Oil is pretty tolerant of the chill so far, which is a plus. In terms of cold weather gear, she wears a combination of the following:

  • a layered outfit, with a sweatshirt, leg warmers etc.
  • her rainpants as a windbreaker on her legs, we love these
  • puffy down coat
  • wool hat under the helmet
  • gloves or mittens
  • two fleecey blankets
  • constant singing

Also, you might get the impression that all Little Oil does is ride around on bikes all day and I just wanna clear that up right now. She also drives.


This was at a toddler gym. In case you don't know, a "toddler gym" is a community center gym, filled with trikes and scoots and awesome toys. Its a zoo. Immediately after this picture was taken Little Oil nearly doored a tot on a tricycle. "Sorry, Mate. Didn't see you."


She also rides elephants. Call her Hanibal Oil.


Here's my friend Chris, from Defiance Bikes in Tacoma, showing off his big score of the Seattle Bike Swap: the world's tiniest vintage Trek. Chris just became a dad this very week! Congrats!


Speaking of small bikes acquired at the Swap, meet "Booberry!" After writing about all the modifications I've done to my first Raleigh Twenty, I found myself strangely sad. Imagine my pleasure when Ben Rainbow, of Back Alley Bike Repair offered me this nearly cherry Twenty for just a few bills! This one is going to be kept original. Or maybe original-ish.

Welcome to the small wheeled stable, Booberry!


I wonder what is the story here?

"Please! return my seat + seat post. I do not want or like this one. Thank you kindly!"


Seriously? What on Earth? No, seriously?


Oh my god, the worst thing possible! Ever since "Bub" in Day of the Dead, we've known that the zombies are learning. Who knew they'd ever grow clever enough to shield their vulnerable brains and don bike helmets? Humanity is doomed, and it's all the fault of those damned bike helmets.