Beginner Pedal Parenting: Potty Stops!


This setup only works for a single rider, a Pedal Parent needs to be more creative.

Here's another item to add to the "Bikes Win!" column, for any of you who are unconvinced of Pedal Parenting's superiority over Backseat Child-rearing.

Potty stops! As Little Oil takes to using the toilet for her potty jobs, we don't get very far in any journey without a call for a "Potty Stop!" This is fine. It's cute and we are glad she's paying attention to her body.

Thing is, we live in a city and at some times of the day finding parking for a car can be pretty challenging, especially while your child's bladder is playing the ticking time-bomb tango in her car-seat.

But for a Pedal Parent? It's No Problem, man! I can pull up on any sidewalk, lock to any stationary object and hustle the little Toilet Trainee into the inevitable cafe or other fairly friendly business we may come across. This evening: from "Potty Stop Requested" to "Atop the Throne at Bauhaus" in Three. Minutes. Flat.

Bikes win. Again.

ps: While Googling about, looking for pictures I could use to illustrate the gripping piece of bicycle journalism I just tricked you into reading, I came across this awesome family. I've been fascinated by families who journey by bike together. I'd like to round up some links and share them with you. Feel free and drop suggestions in the comments below.