Light Blogging for Now

Hey There, Nice People!

Blogging will be sparse for a few days here as the family Oil is taking a little trip out of town together with some buddies. Gonna stay in a cabin! I expect we won't have wifi so don't expect to hear from me until my train trip to Portland! I'll be taking the Bolt Bus to PDX and attending UBI Bike School for two weeks! I'll be staying with some awesome bikey folks who's work you may know, Elly Blue and Joe Biel. This'll be fun as heck and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

I'm also super psyched to tell you all about our fabulous time at the Independence Day Cargo Bike Ride,

show you pix of a sweet Yuba Mundo I spotted on Capitol Hill,

tell ya about this cool DIY dad and his homemade and awesome kid seat, made out of erector set and duct tape,

tell ya all about the Sun Atlas cargo cruiser we just assembled at work,

tell ya about the Family Biking programs we'll be offering at Bike Works, starting with a seminar with real life actual expert and my coworker, Morgan!

In the meantime, read this article about my new hero, Emily Finch. Then read the comments for the absolute best responses to the common criticisms, veiled judgments and crappy BS that Pedal Parents are sometimes subjected to by other adults. Good stuff.

I'll miss you over the weekend. Maybe we'll tweet each other? Maybe we'll just miss each other.