Cars as Metaphors for Cars

Three stories that use cars as a metaphor for cars. One is an excellent short comic, one is an excellent cult film and one is a television cartoon/icon of my childhood/toy line/comic book series/painfully bad film franchise that misses the metaphor and don't get me started on the military recruitment angle.

Transformers, 4,000,000 BC to the Present, by Mr. Hasbro

drawing by Mike Joos, who makes awesome t-shirts

Robots from space wage a secret war among us! Their goal: to drain the Earth of it's energy and resources, primarily fossil fuels and electricity. Their disguise? Cars. Great disguise, space robots!

PS: LOVE your theme song!

I Remember When the Monsters Came for the Cars, comic by Sean T Collins and Isaac Moylan

In this haunting comic, giant monsters hunt and destroy speeders on the Long Island Expressway. Suddenly, driving fast on the highway is dangerous.

The Cars That Ate Paris, aka, the Cars That Eat People, 1974, director: Peter Weir

Cars are fetishized, almost worshiped in a small town. Those in power use auto-dependance to keep the populace in check.

The automobile, so fraught with meaning that it's metaphors are metametaphors. My head hurts. See 'ya tomorrow!

check 'ya later!