Cars as Metaphors for Cars: the Killer Cars Edition

Hi, Nice People! So, I was thinking that I would perhaps bury some of my anti-car bias until we knew each other better, but then this happened, and then this happened and then I accidentally posted all this. Whoops!

And then I thought, what the heck? You have a right to know where I am coming from! And I stink at keeping stuff hid anyway.

One important caveat: I do believe in morality but I don't believe that anything good comes from judging the choices of others, except in the most general sense. I generally believe that people shouldn't drive, but I understand that consumption choices are complicated and personal. So as much as I will probably car-bash here, I hope it is clear to those of you who do sometimes drive that it's nothing personal. I hate cars, and the policies and planning that have made driving the default transportation choice in so many places for so long. I choose not to drive but I do not hate drivers. Heck, Mama Oil drives most of the time and I think she's pretty neat! Umm,how about this?

Inside of every car is a person trying to get out

(I can't remember where I first head that. anyone?)

Okay, end caveat.

After the last "Cars as Metaphors for Cars" post went up, I just kept finding more and more interesting videos under the google search for, "Cars Kill." Today we'll start with something smart, then something lovely, then we'll round it off with a flurry of Kaufman or Corman-style Exploitation films. Enjoy!


The former Ethicist for the New York Freaking Times lays out the horrible ethical implications of driving when you have another option. Basically, "ethics is the effect of our actions on other people," and driving does effect others, it hurts them. Cohen then lists many of the ways that choosing to drive hurts others. Starting with,

"Cars kill. If you introduced a new transportation system by announcing, 'Well, it will only kill about 30,000 people a year and hospitalize about ten times that many,' it's difficult to believe it would gain widespread popularity."

We can't figure out how to embed the video, so visit the site! It all looks pretty smart over there.


"The day we have to stop getting in cars will be a very good day."

Radiohead's Thom Yorke is a conscientious car-objector. The song, Killer Cars, is just one expression of it.


Crash, (not the "racism is real" movie from 2004, but the 1996 super-sexy JG Ballard/ David Cronenberg one) is not a funny movie. As a crashing-phobe, these clips really affect me. Careful.

The Car targets, in order; cyclists, horses, cops, rock climbers, cops and rotary phones. So bear that in mind when attempting to cross at a crosswalk, take the lane or dial a phone.

Rubber is apparently about a killer tire. Awesome.

Bloodcar is actually a really good movie. It's about a vegan preschool teacher after the oil-pocalypse who tries to invent an engine that runs on wheat-grass and accidentally creates something far more, "Little Shop of Horrors." Great trailer.

The height of this genre is of course, Roger Corman's Deathrace 2000. The whole movie is up on youtube, actually. It's really good.

Finally, the ultimate in "Killer Cars," the Killer Cars, by Mr Terry Gilliam.

Thanks for watching!

Got any others to recommend? Comment! We could hold a virtual film festival!