Climate of Change

The place where I am from got flooded pretty bad. The big city was shut down by severe weather. New York City. I don't know if this feels the same for other people, but as a kid from Long Island, always in view of that city, brushing against it, visiting it and regarding it... It's utter resilience was unassailable to me. Not only a city, The City. New York will always be strong like a parent will always be strong. Wait, a storm shut down New York, Long Island, coastal New Jersey? What, all of it?

Casey Neistat on about biking in Sandy's New York. via Seattle Bike Blog

I am only just starting to hear from some of my friends and family and it sounds bad. And not just bad like they will had to do without power for several days just as the temperatures drop and that sucks and maybe some people needed to get food rations or sleep in a shelter and that sucks or somebody's home or business or school has been flooded, washed out, washed away and that sucks and maybe incomes, savings, futures are a little less certain and that sucks. It sounds bad like so bad that it is really getting through to folks that this is going to happen again. That severe weather events can happen anywhere on the planet and they are appearing more frequently than ever before and that this phenomena will only intensify in the coming years and decades and generations.

When you are a zealot (like me), you tend to relate everything to your area of focus.

  • Got dumped? Shoulda ridden a bike, you'd be fitter!
  • Hard time getting back East for the holidays? Peak oil, only a few more years of flying left!
  • Tough time finding work? Get ready for the big crunch, learn blacksmithing!

But just because you are climate-paranoid, doesn't mean your species isn't making the planet uninhabitable.

I'm thinking about local resilience, building deep and strong and simple. Bicycles are a part of that. What else? What's the prudent, (and not crazymaking) way to parent, to plan for the future? I don't know how to blacksmith. Maybe the Oils can learn to grow food this spring.

Trying to avoid despair, Your Friend,

Davey Oil

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