DIY Kidseat Controversy!

The other day I posted a very short "Spotted in the Wild" post where I highlighted a DIY bike seat that I think is pretty cool.

This post was linked to by the wonderful, enormous, blog from the wonderful wonderful magazine, Craft. We love Craftzine in the Oil family. It's an honor to be featured on their blog. It has been nice to gain the readers and all, but I am pretty distressed by the comments the post has received so far. Especially on the Craftblog site.

I'm also a little confused because readers of that site are not only attacking the DIY child seat as unsafe, but are also criticizing Craftblog for sharing my appreciation for DIY Dad's creation and calling for them (and me, I guess) to remove the post. Many commenters seem concerned that more impressionable readers than themselves will somehow accidentally recreate the seat and somehow accidentally put their children in them and then bad things will happen and the only way to stop that from happening is to remove these offensive images from the web right now!

Somehow, the safety of others has become everyone's concern. Mutual concern is not a bad thing, but something changes when the message is "You're doing it wrong!" rather than, "I wouldn't do it that way." It's all very condescending and, unfortunately pretty familiar for many pedal parents. Actually, condescension wrapped in insincere concern is pretty familiar for non-pedalling parents and non-parenting pedalers, too.

Biking and parenting are two areas where some strangers seem to feel perfectly justified telling others that they are doing it wrong. I really don't like that.

I say as much in the comments but it's worth repeating here: parents of small children and transportation cyclists are both very risk-aware types of people. I will give all Pedal Parents the benefit of the doubt and assume that they have thought through the strategies they've developed to transport their families without a car. If those strategies are very different from my own or others that I've seen, like going ahead and making your own seat when you don't like the ones you've found for sale, I'll take a picture and throw it up on this here blog.

Here at Riding on Roadways, I'd like to celebrate Pedal Parenting in all it's forms. Debate is great, not everything needs to be rah-rah cheerleadered, but the choices of others, if they do not affect us, need not be our concern.

That's what I think. How about you? Comment below!