End of the Year Sale!


Big news! Holy Cow.

We are having an end of the year sale!

It is time for us to move on 2015's experimental bikes, rental bikes, and demo bikes! That means deals!

Wahoo! Cargo and electric bikes at a discount! These are high quality cargo and electric bikes, with a variety of wear and tear, but each one professionally tuned-up and ready for service!

BionX Equipped EdgeRunner, Well Accessorized


Regular cost: $5,550

sale price: $3,600


more than 35% off! An amazing deal on a super comfortable, super powerful electric EdgeRunner.

This bike has been used as a rental bike and has some paint scuffs. Also, it is marvelous.


  • Nitto Bosco Handlebars!
  • Yepp Mini Mount!
  • Fenders!
  • Hooptie!
  • U-Tubes!
  • Magic Carpet Cushion!
  • Xtracycle X1 Bags!
  • Abus Bordo Lite Lock!
  • Selle Royal Becoz Saddle!
  • Rolling Jackass Centerstand!
  • Disc Brakes!
  • BionX S35o E-Assist System!

Xtracycle EdgeRunner 11i, in Haute Pink, Nicely Equipped


Regular cost: $3,450

sale price: $2,575


more than 25% off! An amazing deal on a basically brand new EdgeRunner.

This is the classiest model of EdgeRunner, yet! We love this bike so much. It has gotten very little action as a test ride bike. We are only discounting this one to make more room in our tiny shop.


  • Hooptie!
  • Xtracycle Kickback Centerstand!
  • Xtracycle Carryall Bags!
  • Feesh Woven Swirl Bag Lids!
  • Lovely, Shiny Fenders!
  • Shimano Dynamo-Generated Lighting, Front and Rear!
  • Shimano Alfine 11 Intertnally-Geared Hub Drivetrain!
  • Shimano Alfine Hydraulic Brakes!
  • A Shiny, Full-Length Chainguard!
  • It is Pink!!!

Xtracycle EdgeRunner 24D


Regular cost: $2,050

sale price: $1,537.50


Exactly 25% off! A screaming bargain on an almost never been ridden EdgeRunner.

This is the bare bones model EdgeRunner. We haven't found the right family for this one, and we need to make room for other bikes at the shop. It has only been used a couple of times as a test ride bike, and is also basically brand new.


  • Xtracycle Kickback Centerstand!
  • Xtracycle Carryall Bags!
  • Disc Brakes!
  • A Big, Comfy Seat
  • Mounts for Two Yepp Easyfit Seats
  • A Very Low Price for A Bike of Its Kind!

Electric EdgeRunner Cycletruck Show Bike Masterpiece


Regular cost: $6,800

sale price: $4,400


more than 35% off! A ridiculous deal on a unique, super high capacity, super beautiful, super powerful electric EdgeRunner.

This is one of our favorite bikes in the shop! We built this bike to show off at bike shows and to prove that the cycletruck conversion is a sound idea on an EdgeRunner. It certainly has proven to be so. The bike has been ridden very few miles and is another bike which we are moving on mostly to make room for new things at the shop.


  • Cyclefab Cycletruck Conversion!
  • Rolling Jackass Centerstand!
  • Xtracycle X2 Bags!
  • Feesh Eco City Streets Bag Lids!
  • Custom Shiny Fenders!
  • Brooks Special Saddle with Big Gorgeous Copper Rivets!
  • MKS Sylvan Pedals, also Copper!
  • Yepp Junior Kid's Seat!
  • Odyssey Chase Hawk Tires!
  • Disc Brakes!
  • Wald 157 Delivery Basket!
  • BionX S350 E-assist System!

Electric Brompton!

Regular cost: $2,875

sale price: $1,999

more than 30% off! A fantastic deal on a one of a kind, experimental e-Brompton.

This bike! An electric Brompton, powerful enough for Seattle use. Fun and tough. Still so easy to fold!


  • Two, Striking Colors!
  • Brompton Folding Basket Front Carrier!
  • Crystalyte/ Cycle Analyst Front Hub E-Assist System!
  • 36 Volt, 9ah Battery!

These bikes are each one-of a kind, and when they are gone, they are gone. And so is this awesome sale.

Davey Oilsales2 Comments