Freak Bikes in Love! A Photo Roundup

After the emotional roller-coaster of the Beginner Pedal Parenting series, I thought it might be nice to clear the pallete with a photo roundup. I can't believe the photos I've kept on my hard drive! It's like somehow I knew, "One day, a blog will need wacky filler."

On Pine, near Neumos. Mosaic Bike!

bikesnobNYC features these "cockies" pictures of odd or disdain-worthy cockpit configurations and now I see them all over the place. It may be unkind to ridicule these bikes. Maybe the rider has hand-mobility issues? Or maybe they have set up a ridiculous cockpit and I am picking on them in public. Either way.

Is it England, 1893? How did I get a digital camera all the way back then? They had hi-vis jackets? Nope, it's Joe, riding a Pedersen in Seattle!

There were like half a dozen bikes parked to this fence, in NYC. Still, it's a beautiful sign.

Freak bikes in love.

Sorry about the bad quality pic. It says, "-heart- bike rides," making these the coolest knuckle tattoos I've ever seen on toes.

Aaaaaaaah! Ah! Aaaaaaaah!

Don't forget to ride this Friday!