Free Ballard! (JG, that is)

Hi! I'm cooking up quite a few tasty dishes for you over here at Riding On Roadways central office, but none of them appear to be quite ready for consumption. In the meantime, here as an amazing video I found through Boing Boing. It involves one of my favorite novels.


Prior to writing Crash, his disturbing, sexy and brilliant novel about a form of paraphilia called symphorophilia (a sexual fetish for disasters, such as car crashes), New Wave Sci-Fi author JG Ballard wrote an exceptionally weird collection of stories titled, The Atrocity Exhibition. One of the strongest pieces in the book is also called "Crash!" and this apparently served as the inspiration for this short film, made in 1971 by the BBC.

Odd, huh?

1996 saw the release of the film "Crash" by the Venereal Horror director (don't blame me, I don't name filmic movements) David Cronenberg. I love that movie. Actually, I wrote about it once before, remember?

Here are some other covers for Balard's novel. Included here because I love paperback cover design, and because the word, "bangwallop" is awesome.

crash j g ballard
jg ballard crash

Anyway, be careful out there! And if symphorophilia is your thing, please remember your helmet!

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