Fuzzy Bikes! A Photo Roundup - Updated

Yesterday was Father's Day and we are traveling. That means it's Photo Roundup Time!

Look at these fuzzy bikes, spotted by Mama Oil at Goodwill! Really look. Maybe enlarge by clicking the image. They are lovely.

Don't forget, the next Critical Mass is on Friday, the 29th of June!

Anybody know the story with this thing? It's been hanging up near Boyer and 26th, in Montlake, since as long as I've known to look for it and the message in the word balloon appears to change fairly often. Anybody?

Some might say that this maximalist cockpit is overdoing it, but I know I'm not one to judge. It IS funny looking, though. Heh.

Papa, when are we going to complete the Burke-Gilman Trail? The missing link stinks!


Yep, going by bike is a pretty pretty way to go.

Bye, Nice People!


I wasn't sure you'd gotten a good look at the Flying, Cycling Pontificator and so I've added this pic. Anybody know bout this thing?