Happy Mama's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all moms. I've been lucky. Since I started this blog I have met many many Pedal Parents and made many new friends. Most of these new friends happen to be my very favorite kind of people. Moms!

Mothers are the best of us. Strongest, most vital, most helpful, most wise, most hard working.

Some holidays might seem trite or irrelevant. If you don't relate to the impulse to praise the legal and justice system, you might not really feel like celebrating Law Day. If genocide gets you down, Columbus Day might not be a big star on your calendar. Heck, many haters gotta hate on Halmark's own Valentine's Day.

No one should ever diminish Mother's Day. Mother's deserve a day, a month and a life of appreciation.

Thanks, Moms! We love you!

Here are some Pedal Mamas I happen to like...


In particular, this mom. We love you, Mama Oil!

Yay, moms!