Kidical Mass This Saturday!

Hi Pedal People! While much of the Pacific Northwest Pedal Parenting world (or at least its bloggers) gather in Portland for this year's Fiets of Parenthood, those of us left behind in Seattle can take heart that we will have at least as much fun this Saturday at the South Seattle Kidical Mass Ride!

For those of you that don't know, Kidical Mass is an organized ride that provides a venue for fun, solidarity and mutual support for parents, kids, families who live a-wheel!

KM is a great time to:

  • try out a new rig,
  • let your new solo rider take to the street,
  • show reluctant passengers how much fun other kids are having,
  • learn from other pedal parents what has worked for them,
  • have a blast,
  • get ice cream!

This months South Seattle Kidical Mass departs Bike Works at 11am on Saturday, September 15th. We'll ride down to Lake Washington, visit a park, ride back to Columbia City and get some ice cream at Full Tilt!

Fun as heck.

Whaddaya say? Are you in?