Kid's Bike and Helmet Sale!

Update 10-24-2018. G & O Family Cyclery no longer carries kids bike brands Cleary or Burley. We offer a wide range of children’s bikes which you can view here.

Heya, Friendos! Guess what? This month, with the help of a few of our favorite bike companies, we are trying something new at G&O Family Cyclery!


First up: for the entire month of December, we are offering 10% off all kids' bikes and helmets!

That means 10% off the newest addition to our shop, San Francisco's Cleary Bikes!


These things are incredible, high-quality, lovely, well thought-out and light-weight kids bikes! Basically, real bikes, but small.

Great quality drivetrain, headset and hubs!

Two layers of durable paint! This bike is going to survive several Craigslist-resellings or younger sibling hand-me-downings! It is a quality kid's bike!

Real, small handed brake levers and good quality v-brakes! Check this out, the 16" wheeled Hedgehog and 20" Owl don't even use a coaster brake, so little riders can learn how to get their pedals up into power position, a real problem for learning riders.

AND! The color schemes are not offensive, sexist and limiting!

Come check them out!

10% off the Burley MyKick balance bike!


Burley started as a worker-owned collective, in Eugene, OR! Nowadays, the company is more traditionally owned, but along the way they basically invented the kid's trailer, perfected the trailer-bike, and more recently have produced this very high quality balance bike!

Yay! Help your kids skip the training wheels! Balance bike all the way!

10% off the entire run of kids helmets from Lazer!


Cute kid's helmets! In many shapes and styles! The tot sizes have a nice, flat back, which helps the helmet play better with trailers, kid's bike seats and box-bike benches. We love Lazer Helmets!

And 10% off kid's helmets from Triple 8!

Triple 8 is a relatively new brand, specializing in "all-sport" style helmets. The company is located in Long Island, not far from Davey Oil's parents!


Little Oil has been wearing a Triple 8 helmet for the last several months. She loves it!


Yay! Kid's Bikes and Helmets, for ten percent off, now 'till 2015.

Stay tuned for news of more Winter deals and sales and stuff.

Have fun out there!

psst! this offer expires on 12/31/14

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