Little Oil's First Critical Mass

On Friday Baby Oil and I went on her first Critical Mass bike ride! I like Critical Mass. I've probably participated in between 80 and 100 Critical Mass rides in half a dozen cities. In my experience it is a joyful, respectful gathering of strangers, each taking responsibility for themselves and sharing responsibility for the group. I've seen some riders behave rudely. I've seen many riders behave with grace. I've seen a hundred leaders guide a leaderless flock of fellow travelers to the beach, to the park, to the fair.

I've shared the ride with grannys and kids and drag performers and hipsters and hippies and dogs and cats and birds and athletes and politicians and scofflaws and cops and cyclists and bicyclists and bike riders and people on bikes.

Now I've shared it with my kid. We'll be back again next month. See you there?

Lil' Oil admiring another biker

okay! Let's roll, Nice People!

a brass band played the riders into Folklife

great job, everybody!

apples. mmm.

Critical Mass is held in cities and towns all around the world on the same evening, the last Friday of every month. Seattle's ride leaves Westlake Center at 6pm. See you there!