Little Oil's Second Critical Mass

Hi, Nice People! Last night Little Oil and I took part in that most wonderful tradition, the monthly coincidence that is Critical Mass!

Critical Mass is the purest democracy, the autonmous-est temporary autonomous zone, the most egalitarian bike culture I've ever experienced. However, Critical Mass is far from perfect. While I like Critical Mass and am passionate about it, I know that the event is very controversial among cyclists and non-riders. Anybody wanna talk about it? I'd love to hear what you think. Comment below!

Little Oil had a blast last month. This month there were twice as many riders as last time and that went a long way towards this ride being so much fun. We met a lot of great people and rode some great places last night. Here are some pix!

before boarding

We met some tourists from Pompeii.


I never remember this guy's name. He's super friendly and has been showing up to Critical Mass reliably for a year now. He's one of the people who have really kept the tradition alive when Seattle's ride has been in danger of dwindling and disappearing. Also, he's got some cool "flatland" tricks. Little Oil likes him.

A small, but friendly group gathers.

How's this for a "Grand Depart"?

we are traffic, too

This same block is part of our commute. Little Oil found this hysterical and tried to tell the guy in the camo sleeveless tee but he didn't get her joke. As she experiences a joke falling flat I feel supremely connected to my daughter.

Snack? Check. Watta Boddoh? Check. Zebra? Got it. Crowd of Nice People on bikes? Check!

bob and nikita

This Papa-Daughter team has been super-inspirational to me ever since Baby Oil first came on the scene. This was the first time Little Oil had met them and she was happy to meet another kid on the ride. Also, they are the only family I know that has used the Chariot Sidecarrier, which they say is just great. I have a lot of questions about handling and cornering and such, but I'll have to ask next time.

All in all it was a fun ride. See you next month!

We couldn't stay till the end because we had to meet Mama Oil at the Wing Luke Museum for a party for the Social Justice Fund. Afterwards, Mama and Little rode home in Mama's car and I joined the radical queer dance party and protest in response to police oppression and brutality during last Pride last weekend. The evil, evil, broken and wrong Seattle Police Department are themselves responding to the incident in their own, classy way.

queers dancing in the street in defiance are beautiful and charming

cops so scared they poop themselves

And that's the news from Oilland yesterday!

Have a great weekend!