Mama Oil, Cargo Biker!

Mama Rode Wheelio!

The Oil family is riding around North Capitol Hill. Climbing up Interlaken on a lark, scoping the fern porn. Just Riding Around.

Mama points out the playground at Stevens Elementary and Little insists that we stop. Papa Oil mentions that the school blacktop would make a perfect spot for a little practice riding. Mama and Little love the idea of riding together (for the first time!) and Mama and Papa switch bikes.

Little Oil begins squealing in pleasure at this idea. Rapid fire encouragements for Mama.

A little shaky at first. Longtails are different from other bikes. While certainly more "normal handling" than other cargo bike designs, longtails corner very differently and you brake differently as well, since weight is spread between the two wheels in a different manner. (Anyone more engineering minded wanna take a stab at describing that?) Starting and stopping are even more important to practice than riding around. An Xtracycle can be pretty top heavy when hauling a kid and most spills happen while the bike is being walked to a parking spot or the parent is just getting up into the saddle. Practice runs like this are recommended.

Finally, a chance to see what that kid does back there.

Snacking, for one. No surprise there.

Hitting. Yup, I knew she did that.

Rocking out! Of course!

Mama was proud of herself. Little was proud of her Mama. And we all had a great time!

Thumbs Up Everybody! For Rock & Rolllllllll!