One Month!

Photo by the incredible Russ Rocca, of Path Less Pedaled

Happy 1/12th Birthday, Riding on Roadways! Today, this blog turns one month old. Thanks so much for reading!

Here's a late introduction.

Riding on Roadways, the Secret Origin

It was late May. Little Oil was asleep. I'd just returned earlier in the week to Seattle from an extended visit to New York, where I am from and where my family is going through some very tough times right now. I had been having a hard time centering myself and getting away from the worry I feel for my parents and sister and was wasting my free time and just running myself down. Mama Oil looked up from her computer, where I'd kind of assumed she was busy facebooking, and said, "I started your blog, write a post." So I did.

I've wanted to keep a blog for a long time now. I am full of opinions, stories and recommendations and I can never stop talking about bicycling and transportation issues. I see a new era of bicycling for transportation coming and I am eager to participate. In a former life I self-published zines and comics and helped others to do the same. So far, blogging has felt like a satisfying return to feelings of putting myself out there while simultaneously shouting into the dark, attempting to communicate with an imagined friendly reader at some time in the future and connecting with a very real and very encouraging community of readers and writers right now. Actually, it has been a blast.

We started this blog to find a creative use for my bike obsession, to work on something productive during a difficult time In Real Life and find to a project we could share as a family. I write, Mama Oil takes care of the backend blog business and sometimes edits, Little Oil is cute and clever, she generates content. We are the family Oil and this is our (mostly) Family Biking Blog.

What We are Working On

  • detailed, nerdy build reports on our bikes!
  • more product reviews!
  • interviews with cargo bikers, mechanics and makers, pedaling parents and non-drivers!
  • more stories from before!
  • more ride reports, when interesting things happen!
  • more opinions, because everybody cares what I think!
  • the chilling secret origin of my funny name!
  • the depressing secret origin of this blog's name!
  • more link roundups, because the internet has already done the work for us!
  • new features, like a trading post, maintenance tutorials and a bike glossary!
  • tweaks to the format to make it easier to find the cutest posts more quickly!


So, the blog's only a month old, but we are pretty happy with it so far. We've been putting a lot of time into it and I don't see that as needing to change any time soon. We'll probably continue with a post a day but taking days off when we need to. Does that work for you? How abut the format? Would it work better if you could see more of the text of a post before needing to jump to its page? How about the jokes? The topics covered?

We want this site to meet your needs. Let us know in the comments of you have any suggestions for ways we can improve.

and Now, The Riding on Roadways Index:

  • One month,
  • 32 posts,
  • a bunch of visitors,
  • just more than half from Seattle,
  • some comments, but not all that many,
  • cute posts are most popular,
  • riding with kids is the most popular topic,
  • our readers are the best.

Thank you for reading! Tell your friends! We'll be here until the Big Shutoff when the juice stops flowing and the internets go dark! Then we'll just need to try letterpress.

That sounds pretty good, too.