Post Yuletime Roundup

Hah! This post used to be called, "Pre-Solstice Roundup!" I guess I am sorry that posting has been more infrequent lately. Living life and riding bikes and parenting and working on cargo bikes and cargo bike projects has been a higher priority than writing about all those things lately. I certainly hope you understand!

Know what? It doesn't matter. I'm over it. It's just a blog. Thanks for reading! Also, I am soooooo excited to tell you about those upcoming projects! But not yet. Let's sit on those announcements for a little bit. But trust me, IT IS GONNA BE AWESOME!

Let's look at some photos from December, shall we?


Un-Pave the Streets is right! I love these woodcuts, been seeing them all over. This poster was hanging on the corner right by our place. Little Oil spotted it. Anyone know anything about the artist?


Now this is public art! On 12th Ave, just North of Yesler, these little plant beds have since each bloomed a healthy handful of dandelions. Un-pave the planting strips, too!


And while we are talking public art, this huge painting is on a wall at 20th and Jackson, near the sublime Moonlight Cafe. Do we not live in the golden age of murals, Seattle? Thank you, artists!


At a yet another new condo development opening soon on Broadway. The dumbest new bike rack design I have ever seen. Glad there is still room to innovate new ways to suck at providing secure parking.


Cool DIY cargo rack! Yerawesome!


Yet another of Morgan's cargo bike toys. Tools! I meant tools! This is a recumbent, trike-stable trail-a-bike. That's cool!


Specialized Globe and Public M8, posing together on Broadway. Show-offs!


Just in case you were wondering, Little Oil does still eat 20 apples a week.


Wheelio got a new basket. She wanted me to show you. Nice, huh?


Ruby came back from Haulin' Colin's shop! New headset and new fork, so smooth! Now she is certainly the most modded Raleigh 20 I've ever heard of. So proud!


Speaking of Colin. You gotta see this! A drum coaster brake hack that earns him a Haul of Fame spot in my bike hacker heart.


Non-drive side crank is somehow mated with a singlespeed free wheel that's bolted to this plate, that's bolted to this rod...


...that, when Colin backpedals, yanks the arm that is ordinarily yanked by the brake cable, actuating the drum brake. Isn't that fucking nuts?!? It works really well. I've seen it with my own eyes. Still, totally nuts. Next time you see Colin, pat him on the back. Guy's an artist.


You've seen Ruby, my 20 inch wheeled folding cycle truck. Weird bike, right? You may not know this, but in addition to cargo bikes, I loooove small wheeled bikes. All types, folders, shoppers, (RIP, Alex Moulton) mini velos. They don't even need to be at all practical, I just love the variety. And I love the ride! Lately there have been a lot of tiny bikes showing up at Bike Works. Like this blue Dahon Mariner from back in the day.


An even more classic Dahon model. I think folding bike folks actually call this one "the Classic."


And then there's this little beauty.


Check out that wrap-around chainguard! Is that to protect the chainring and chain  from hitting the ground when the bike is folded? I dunno, but i bet it polishes up real pretty!


Shiny fenders and integrated rack. This bike may come home with me. Mmmm.


Am I normal? Is a big guy on a small bike little more than a circus walrus? I'll send pictures soon and you can tell for yourself. You let me know if you spot any great deals on a Moulton f-frame or a Raleigh 20, 'kay?


Finally, this dude on a Moonlander. The fattest tires I have ever seen on a bike. Ride on, brave warrior!

Happy Holidays from Riding on Roadways and the Family Oil.