Quiz Week: Birthday Quiz!

Hi Friends! Today is my birthday!

Today, I am older.

Today, in honor of my birthday and the blog's upcoming first half-birthday and in honor of you loyal readers, I would like to offer you a quiz and a prize!

First, what could you win?

Well, I was lucky enough to contribute to the current issue of the amazing Taking the Lane zine, called Childhood. It is a very lovely book. Here, check out the cover:

My buddy Elly, who edits the zine, pays contributors in copies. After taking a few out for holiday gifts I still have seven left and would like to offer them as prizes to you readers. One quiz a day, for a week!

Quiz Week starts now!

Today's question,

What Seattle-built bicycle accessory do I love more than my own earlobes?

First correct answer in the comments gets a free copy of the Taking the Lane! No restrictions apply. If no one guesses correctly I'll be forced to remind you that google works with keywords.

Happy Quizzing!