Quiz Week: Day Two

Hi! It's Quiz Week!

Every day this week, in honor of my birthday and the blog's upcoming first half-birthday and in honor of you loyal readers, a quiz and a prize!

The prize?

Well, I was lucky enough to contribute to the current issue of the amazing Take the Lane zine, called Childhood. It is a very lovely book. Here, check out the cover:

I have a few extra contributor's copies and would like to offer them as prizes to you readers. One quiz a day, for a week!

Yesterday's big winner is Hum of the City! This San Fransisco mom and biker and (fantastic!) blogger scored a correct answer less than ten minutes after I posted yesterday's quiz. Awesome.

HotC was absolutely correct when she answered that the Rolling Jackass centerstand is the "Seattle-built bicycle accessory I love more than my own earlobes."

I said so here.

Honorable mention goes to Julie and Family Ride. Ray was just wrong. While I do really like the Crane Suzu Brass Bell, I prefer it only over other bells, not over any of my facial features.

Hum, get me your mailing address and I'll send you your big prize. Congratulations!

Quiz Week continues now!

Today's question is two-parted,

a) Who is Little Oil's favorite performer?

b) What food item have I prepared for this performer?

First correct answer in the comments gets a free copy of the Taking the Lane! No restrictions apply.

Happy Quizzing!