Quiz Week: the Winners!

I think that's enough for Quiz Week. I dunno how real bloggers do it. I can never keep up with my own blogathon gimmicks whenever I try them. Oh well. A four day Quiz Week is still a pretty good week, right? Heck yes, it is! Happy Birthday to me and Happy Half-Birthday to the blog! Woo-Hoo!

A big "Woo-Hoo!" to our quiz winners as well. Let's meet them:

  1. Hum of the City was correct when she answered that the Rolling Jackass centerstand is the bicycle accessory that I love more than my earlobes!
  2. Joe got it right that Little Oil's favorite performer is David Byrne and that I'd once made him a sandwich!
  3. Ray blew me away with his Theory on the Irony of Cybertronian Disguise. He questions the validity of the question, calling the Transformers' choice to disguise themselves as cars when they come to Earth to steal our natural resources a "biological imperative!" He quotes Psycho Killer! He sounds smart! He wins!
  4. Kimberly and Adonia each gave great answers to yesterday's call for prognosticators to predict the next game-changer in utility cycling. Adonia gave a very Seattle answer when she envisioned, "some kind of uphill hoist for bikes," and Kimberly suggested both more dedicated bicycle infrastructure and more Mamacharis on the road. Both would be awesome! Kimberly is winner by default as Adonia declined her prize.

And what did they win? Why, a free copy of the fabulous Taking the Lane zine! Here's the cover, really tiny.

Also, Ray gets a surprise, which I won't spoil here. Yay!

Thank you for playing my Quiz game!

Other Blog Biznez:

While we are here I guess I'll tell you about some other stuff, too...

Last Chance for a Bike Repair Class With Me! (for a while at least)

I'll be changing jobs soon, (more on that later!) and the next round of Bike Works' Adult Basics Class will be my last. ABC is a class I developed to empower cyclists of all skill, experience and confidence levels to learn about bikes in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

The class is offered several times a year, so if Wednesdays in January and February at the Cascade People's Center don't work for you, you'll have other chances to take it, just probably not with me.

One more Week to Help Bring Back Bernice

Thank you soooo much to everybody who has donated to the effort to Bring Back Bernice. We’ve already raised about $200, with another bunch of cash pledged as well! Won't you click the button and Help a Mama Out?

Finally, Come to the Buy Nothing Day Cargo Bike Ride!

This Friday. Meet at noon, leave at 1pm from the Pike Market Pig! Ride to the Hat and Boots in Georgetown! Such Fun!

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