24D EdgeRunners on Sale! - UPDATED!

Hell-lo! Big deal. Big, big deal. The big deal is BIG DEALS!


Heh heh heh!

Basically, here is the deal with the Big Deal: the 2016 Xtracycle EdgeRunners will be here soon. At G&O, we are very committed to Xtracycle, and think that the EdgeRunner has basically changed transportation forever. Because we are so into the bike, we got a lot of them to sell you and still have a few of the 2014 bikes left that we'd love to sell by the end of the month. Sooo, we are offering you a DEAL, dig?

(By the way, we don't really DO all that many sales, soooo... jump on this if you wanna get a bargain.)

The deal is, we are marking 2014 24D EdgeRunners down from $1,599 to $1,449. In case you are bad at subtracting in your head, that's a savings of One-Hundred and Fifty Dollars!

You could spend that money on upgrading the included Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes to hydraulics, getting yourself a Rolling Jackass centerstand, or just spend it all on candy. The sky really is the limit. That's a lot of cash.


Cool, right?

Another thing, for now until we sell out of them, Xtracycle X2 bags are marked down, too! Ordinarily $250, these feature-rich cargo bags, designed by Xtracycle founder Ross Evans himself, can be yours for the low-low price of $200! That is only four-fifths of the original price!

Check out this video from a while ago of Ross describing the X2s. So many features!


If you bought a 24D or a pair of X2 bags from us in since April 1st of 2015, come on in for a store credit. We wouldn't want you to feel left out.

The remaining 2014 27D and N360 model EdgeRunners are not included in this sale. Watch this space for a cool G&O custom ebike build utilizing the N360 EdgeRunner.

See you soon!


Sale's over, folks. Those bikes are all spoken for or on to their new homes. Thanks!

There are still a few 2014 N360 EdgeRunners that we might be able to swing a similar deal on. Otherwise, come check out the super-duper 2016 EdgeRunners!

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