Spotted in the Wild: A New Yuba Mondo

Hi Blog!

I'm in Portland! And we have so much to talk about! Like the summer! It is here! Finally!

I am going to go out on a limb and say that bike lovers love the Summer.

"Why Davey," you might say, "What a daring position you have taken on the Summer! Why on Earth would bike lovers love the Summer?"

Well, I'm glad you asked. It all comes down to one often misunderstood fact-type thing. You see, some people like riding in nice weather. Do not misunderstand me! Many lunatics, people with raincoats and upbeat, unflappable types are undeterred by gloomy weather. The fact that Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Minneapolis all contain many many many dedicated, daily and year-round riders reveals, to keen bicycle analysts like ourselves, that nice weather is not a requirement for riding and that a strong and growing bike culture may even benefit from a little climate-related challenge (a little rain for our spoke gardens to grow? a subject for a future post.)

No, the best thing about Summer to many bike nuts are all the other people out there on bikes! And their nice bikes! Isn't it just the best, when the weather turns sweet and all the fair-weather and brand-new cyclists head out from wherever they've been and the bike racks fill up and the sound of freewheels click-click-clicking can be heard through every open window? And with that sound, doesn't your head just turn?

I love oggling bikes! That's one of the best parts of starting Riding On Roadways for me. These Spotted in the Wild posts give me an excuse to not just oggle folks' bikes, but to chase down those cargo bikes, take lots of pictures and ask the riders all sorts of questions! It is really fun! You should try it! If you have no blog, start one, or send me the pics and the info and I'll post it myself. That way you do the work and I get more time for playing with Little Oil.

No, seriously, send me pictures of the family bike setups you spot. But hey, if you take pictures of kids, ask their grown-ups if they can be on the internet before you send them to me, okay? I don't wanna be creepy.

Anyway. The other evening I was out on Ruby the Red Folding Cycle Truck, jaunting on up to Moonlight Cafe for some tasty vegan take-out for Mama Oil and myself, thinking about how great it was that the sun was finally making an appearance in the Pacific Northwest and how much I was enjoying all the new bikers and all that stuff when I ran into this gorgeous sight:

Papa John, Sleeping Logan

What a nap! That kid is completely head lolled! She looks so damn cozy! And check out Dad's grin! I love pedal families, don't you?

As I talked with Dad, (John) and asked if I could take their pictures, did he like the bike, etc, Kid Two, (Aiden) came out of the garden by Lake Washington Girl's Middle School and started chatting me up. Kid One, (Logan) was so sound asleep that she didn't even stir as Aiden just gushed and gushed about her family's bike. Cool kids.

Seriously, Aiden loves the longtail life. And look at how Dad holds the bike up with his left foot while Aiden climbs on!

The bike is a new Yuba Mundo, v4. Yuba is a company that is dedicated to the manufacture of integrated longtail cargo bikes, rather than aftermarket bike mods, like m xtracycle. My impression is that they are really fine bikes. I hear they are sturdy and fun to ride and they certainly are lighter than the Sun Atlas and cheaper than the Surly Big Dummy. I have never ridden a Mundo, (but I'd love to! Are you listening, Yuba?) Luckily, my internet buddy Lindsay has written a great deal about her Yuba, so I defer to her personal experience. Check out her blog!

John told me that they had bought their cargo bike (at Alki Bike and Board, a fabulous shop with a fabulous owner) only a week prior to our meeting but that they'd ridden it every day since then. I spotted the whole family rolling along on two occasions the following weekend, so the daily ride streak appears unbroken. Right on, Pedal Family!

Chris, John, Aiden and Logan make Pedal Family-ing look good!

Stay tuned for reports from the field. For now, this is your pal in Porlynd, Davey Oil, signing off!