We Are Back! Photo Roundup

Folks. Friends.

Pedal People!

I know it has only been a couple of days, but I really missed you! I am absolutely delighted to report that after days of epic, sweaty, dangerous struggle in the depths of Riding On Roadways' engine room/ server farm/ coal mine analogy, and with the help of lots of folks, most notably reader Eldan (this blog's new besty), we are back and check out as infection free! Take that, post-singularity nonhuman hacker-entities!

In celebration of what is hopefully a return to normal around here, I bring you:


We had a grand old time at the Seattle Cargo Bike Roll Call last month. There were a lot of great bikes and a lot of great folks! One big surprise to me was the number of box bikes that were there.

I think that's a Bakfiets.nl in the back there and in front, a Larry vs Harry Bullitt shining in the sun.

This Cetma Largo was very popular among the littles.

In fact, this Little Oil didn't want to leave. She sat in that box for almost 45 minutes, relaxing and inveigling adults into taking her out on rides around the park. It was cute!

For days afterward her first words to me in the morning were, "We goin' inna Box Bike?"

Common wisdom holds that hilly Seattle is not the right town for such mammoth cycles. I would like to test that because I certainly love the design as much as Little does. I have a good lead on a loaner box bike, so more on that as it develops.

Back in the saddle again. I love thatRolling Jackass centerstand! Wheelio becomes a jungle gym and it almost feels like safe parenting!

At Cal Anderson we came across a young guy cycling between Seattle and Portland on this Kona Ute. Apparently he took the long way, but I wasn't really listening to him describe his route because I was too busy puzzling out why he did the whole several hundred mile ride with a teevee strapped to the deck. Odd. But awesome!

Frosene from Bikelava is a doll. And such tasty baklava! Yum.

We took a vacation last week that kept us off bikes for almost seven whole days! We did take one little bike ride in Lake Tahoe. As is usually the case with rental bikes, mine was a little big for me.

Tahoe kid's helmet. Not even race cars, but car commuters stuck in traffic. Awesome.

When we came home, we gave our friends a hug!

Hi, Friends!