We are Honored

We are Honored to Gnome you. Get it? We are wearing gnome beards? and "gnome" rhymes with "know?" No?

Yesterday, Car Free Days, one of my favorite family bike blogs, did something really sweet.

Anne wrote a post introducing their readers to Riding On Roadways. She also paid me a bunch of compliments. Which are lies. And then she complimented Little Oil, too. Which was all true. She called the kid "adorable," "whip-smart" and "observant" for noticing that she, Anne, had "Nice Boots!"

Well, said, Nice Person!

I've been writing this blog for only a little over two weeks now and it has been a blast so far! Thing is, I've been a Professional Bike Know-It-All for several years and was actually doing pretty well in the amateur Bike Blowhard league for at least a decade before that. And I'd never have anything at all intelligent sounding to say about bikes if it weren't for the writing of a few 'zinesters and bloggers. You'll notice that I try to pepper almost every sentence with links to various blogs and 'pedias around the web. So many people share their time and work freely on the web in order to make our infospheres rich with useful and diverting crap! In the spirit of, "Utopian Futures," the beautiful Tin Tree Factory song from yesterday, let's be sure to "Celebrate Each Other!"

These are three Seattle family biking blogs I've basically memorized. They are wonderful.

Thanks for the stories, the stories, the wonderful stories, Madi!

Gosh, now I'm all teary! Let's hear from Tin Tree Factory again!