Weekly Daily Ride Journal 2: A Perfect Saturday

Hello, Nice People! Here's another Daily Ride Journal, where I'll share with you some of the fun times our bikes are helping us have. What a perfect, and perfectly bikey Saturday we had this weekend!

In the fairly early AM, the Lil' Oil joined me for a quick ride to Eltana wood fire bagels on 12th and Pike to get, um, bagels. They woodfire 'em real good at this place and they have a few different tasty vegan spreads, (I'm vegan, the other Oils are vegetarians) but I'ma be honest; these aren't bagels as I remember them from home. In NY, the bagels are fluffy, boiled and substantial. Just sayin'.

Then to the Vivace sidewalk stand. We love this place. Seriously, it's basically a bike drive-in cafe with incredibly nice baristas who make delicious coffee? Let's double back, the barristas are really nice and the coffee is great. It's weird, I know. The owner rides his bike everywhere, too. Little Oil has her own drink, the "Steamed Robot." Yum. This whole time the kid's been out and about in her pj's, which never happens. She finds this hysterical.

After we ate our bagels, the whole family rode to visit some friends and their totally lovely new baby at their cohousing joint. Are you familiar with cohousing? I think its a pretty inspiring model for collectivizing housing coops beyond condos.

On the way there we rode both vehicularly and in the special door lane along 12th Ave to Jackson then on the sidewalk against traffic along Ranier for a few blocks until Hiawatha. It's amazing to me how much we blend together various schools of safe cycling techniques in daily riding, but yet how much each school is presented as an orthodoxy. Its sad. Hmmm. Anyway, we met the cute baby. Totally cute!

On the ride home, during the tiny bit where we were up on the sidewalk a pedestrian almost threw herself at us from a bus shelter! We were riding along very slowly. I'd just finished ringing my adorable little brass bell when the ped, who had been making eye contact with me all along, kinda lunged at me and Baby Oil on Wheelio. I guess she was just trying to scare us. Mission not accomplished, Nice Lady!

We rushed to get home, eat lunch and nap. After the Lil' Oil went down I ran out on the xtracycle to handle some errands, like buy a late birthday present for our amazing nephew (a D&D game, so psyched!), stop by Velo Bike Shop to buy some bike parts and work on Mama Oil's bike. She likes it!

Later on in the day we rode to Volunteer Park for a picnic with bikey family, and best friends, Tyler, Katie and Frances. Just Bliss. The kids play together, the parents can talk and pay attention to one another.

I've had a hard time lately. Someone I love very much is ill and also far away. Writing to you all has been a real boon for me, helped me deal with my feelings and keep positive. Spending time with friends like we did on Saturday can be a real blessing as well.

The kids drum on the bikes with sticks and throw dirt and chase squirrels.

This is Frances. She's our friend. Nice Hat!

Frances rides in a boBike mini front seat. Lil' Oil rode in one of those as well, until about three months ago. I think front seats are a fantastic way to haul a kid and the boBike mini is my favorite. I'll try to write a review of that setup soon, before my impressions of it fade into memory.

Tyler is my best friend. Like, classic, running in the woods and talking on the phone and trading mixtapes and blood brothers for life kinda best friend. Its great to have a friend like that. We are very lucky to have kids around the same age and to be discovering the joys of family cycling together. Tyler's a very different cyclist than me at this point and his perspective is valuable. Expect to hear more from him here at Riding on Roadways!

This fabulous day almost had a sad end, though. On way into the car (and bike) port, I clipped the edge of the  wideloader cargo platform on the corner of Mama Oil's car and me and Little Oil fell over! I caught the bike with my arm and ironically, the wideloader looks to have kept the whole back of the bike off the ground, so that while I was pretty shaken up and concerned, Lil' Oil was completely unmussed and unfussed. So is Mama. I haven't fallen down on a bike in a couple of years. If either of them had been freaked out by the spill I think I woulda joined them in freaking. Instead, we went to go play with the neighbor's cat. I am proud of my family.