Weekly Daily Ride Journal Roundup #3

Hey, Little Oil, Over the weekend, two weeks ago we:

got some apples

ate the apples

said, "Hi!" to our friends, the workers at the Capitol Hill light rail station and amazing giant tunnel. they said, "Hi! Sweetie" back. like they always do!

at some point in here Wheelio's tire picked up the glass that would give her the tiny puncture that would create a slow leak so that by Monday we'd go flat and Papa Oil would have to take the train to Columbia City after dropping you off at preschool and confirm that if the light rail is not crowded, there is definitely room for longtail bikes on the train

went to the Melrose clean-up and ate muffins with the Central Seattle Greenways people

then we went and got more food

lots more

then we spotted a...

"What is that bike, Papa?"

a taaaaall bike!

and after all that? a nap

a long nap. four or five slow miles long

to hang out with the Family Ride riders on the waterfront

where we saw this awesome tandem/ cycle rickshaw conversion!

then we rode the carousel! up and down! round and round!



next day we went to honkfest and rocked out with the beachball

rode home with the BikeBot robots

it was a nice ride

still riding past bedtime, we saw ferns

That was a nice weekend we had.