All Portraits Photo Roundup

Hi, You! For this post, I thought I'd round up some more photos to show you. You've probably noticed that I'm not much of a photographer. The best two shot here are not even by me. Whatever. I enjoy sharing our pictures as a way of keeping you up-to-date with the bikey parts of our lives.

These are mostly portraits. Of Little Oil and I, and of lots of local bike folks and locally made bike stuff. Hope you enjoy!

On With the Portrait Gallery!

That's Little and I in Hub and Bespoke. Image is by Christine Cox. Hey, we look good, right? We were visiting the store while a photog was there looking for models. She took some pictures of us and since we are now officially fashion models, I guess I'll break down our outfits for you. I'm wearing a hat made by Soren O'Malley (I dunno how you'd find these, but they are cute!), a jacket made by Freeman (I was kinda obsessed with this Seattle made raincoat, but cannot afford one), knickers by Marc Jacobs(I KNOW, aren't I fancy!) and ankle galoshes by Tretorn (what's up, Eric?). Little is wearing a two-piece rainsuit by Abeko, a hat by Mama Oil (did you know she's a hell of a crafter?) and cape by Dandy (both of these are at Bootyland, the best kid's store in town.)

There, now we are like models. That was weird.

This is Juliette Delfs, she is co-owner of Hub and Bespoke and a cool cat. She designed that coat herself and will be selling it through the shop! Also, there is a dog in a basket on the back of her road bike. Awesome. Juliette is seen here on the Fremont Bridge waiting for the unveiling of the Seattle Bike Counter.

I can stare into the horizon with the best of them. That's me at the Counter. #56! This photo was taken by Joshua Trujillo.

Boxbike, Boxbike, Boxbike! My best friend, Tyler works at Dutch Bike now. Me and Little went up there to see him and took the rental Bakfeits out for a spin around Ballard.

Just look at that kid! Gosh. I sure do love her.

She sure do love box bikes.

We rode over to visit Swift Industries' Studio. This is a deconstructed Ozette Rando bag.

Danny pilots and Robyn rides on a Cyclefab cycle truck, (with Swift panniers!). It was raining really hard that night and the bike had no front fender. Robyn, while a very good sport and an excellent human headlight bracket, had a really wet butt. It was funny.

This bike is called a Slingshot! It has no downtube. Crazy.

The dude on the Tern folding mountain bike with the weird noseless saddle, checking out the weird downtubeless bike next to my weird super-long mixte is sax player Jon Natchez. Jon was out for a ride on Mercer Island when we ran into each other while I was on my way back from my ride around Factoria. Meeting him brightened my mood right up, because when I asked him how he liked his folding bike, he told me that the makers lent several of the things to the band he is touring with. That sounded cool, what band? David Byrne and St Vincent!

I only barely got a chance to insult his noseless saddle and tell him about the time I made David Byrne a sandwich before he raced away for soundcheck. As you can imagine, Little Oil was very impressed I'd met someone who was playing with her favorite musician. She was not pleased that she had to miss the show. But she's two, so she'll get over it.

The incredible Merlin Rainwater, grassroots organizer and blogger at Transportation Nag.

I don't know this guy, but I have seen him ripping around town on this awesome looking Mad Max e-bike.

Kathleen. She's my favorite shop owner of one of my favorite shops in Seattle. Free Range Cycles forever!

This is Cait. She's an artist, my friend, a new mom and a new cargo biker! Cait got this Surley Pacer e-assist Xtracycle from Liontail Cycles. If you are in the market for an Xtracycle, check them out.

Also, check out Cait, only a cargo biker for a short time and already hauling weird shit across town!

Little Oil is also no slouch at staring off into the horizon.

Onward, to glory!

But first!

Update on the Fundraising Front

Thank you soooo much to everybody who has donated to the effort to Bring Back Bernice. We've already raised over $100, with another bunch of cash pledged as well! Deb, my boss at Bike Works, has offered to match the next $50, so somebody click the donate button and help us bring in that match!

An Upcoming Class You Don't Wanna Miss

Also, speaking of Bike Works and Morgan, too: we are hosting a special, morning-time Family Biking for Beginners Seminar this Sunday morning. Already a dedicated Pedal Parent? Come on down and share your knowledge! Know somebody who wants to give biking with kids a try, but has tons of questions? Send 'em to us and let Morgan, a genuine Specialist in the subject, teach 'em right up! See ya Sunday!