+ What makes a great cargo bike?

Cargo bikes come in many configurations, each one optimized for a different cargo requirement. The most popular style of bike for bulky or varied cargo is the box bike which positions the load in front of the rider, but can be heavy to lift. Longtails are narrow in profile, but can be loaded with a surprising volume of cargo for their size while remaining lighter in weight than box bikes.

+ Can cargo bikes replace cars for delivery businesses?

Heck yeah! We work with local businesses looking for a more cost-effective, faster and greener means of transporting goods. Many of our cargo bike manufacturers make a variety of cargo-specific accessories which we can customize to your needs.

+ Can I custom brand a cargo bike for my business?

Yes, we can work with you not only to create decals to promote your business on a bike, but we have local manufacturing connections who can make custom accessories to fit your needs and develop a cohesive brand image for your delivery vehicle.

+ Are box bikes hard to ride?

Box bikes, which position their load in front of the rider, use a steering-linkage to connect the handlebars to the front wheel. The effect of positioning the front wheel several feet in front of the handlebar can be initially foreign to conventional bike riders, but can be quickly adapted to by most riders. Box bikes are wider than longtail cargo bikes and must be ridden carefully in tight urban environments.

+ Why electrify a cargo bike?

If you're asking this question, you may be a stronger rider than we are. Electric assist can help you accellerate, go further with a heavier load, and climb steep hills that might otherwise be unrideable on a cargo bike. Not all cargo bikes need be electric, it's really up to you.

+ How long will a cargo bike last?

Cargo bikes can easily last you a decade or more with proper maintenance and care. Warranties vary by manufacturer, but we feel it's our job to keep you rolling with minimal annual upkeep. Proper maintenance includes an annaul tune up including replacement of brake pads, chain and tires. Cargo bikes bearing heavy loads and decending hills may require more frequent brake servicing.

+ Can I insure my cargo bike against theft?

Yes. Bikes can be covered under some homeowners insurance policies, renters insurance policies, or commercial property policies. Check with your insurer to explore your options. Also, there are a few companies that exclusively insure bicycles if your current insurers do not.

+ Can I buy a non-electric cargo bike and add assist later?

Absolutely. We offer a wide variety of electric assist conversion kits to help you convert your cargo bike to electric when the time is right.