Hello World Photo Roundup

We've run into a lot of cool stuff on our rides around Seattle lately. Here's a little roundup of some highlights!Not at all boring! We saw the biggest bit in the world! The cutting disk from one of the boring machines used to dig the Link Light Rail Tunnel to Capitol Hill! Just sitting on the back of this truck!!! Awe-some!

Little Oil at work in her new role as a bookseller at Elliott Bay Book Co.

At MY job, Nathan and I taught ABC class outside the other night. It was lovely. More outdoor repair, please!

Little Oil admiring the baby blue Brommy of Kathleen, (from my other favorite shop, Free Range Cycles). We want a Brompton sooooooo bad! Thanks for that, Julian.and Anne.and Hum.

Congrats to Beacon BIKES on working with Red Apple grocery to get this great bike parking spot installed! 

Finally, this joke of a rack is replaced!

I wanna find the designer who decided to name this seat post the "Post Moderne" and kiss them on the lips.

Here's my new friend, Barbara with her Kona Minute midtail cargo bike. She hauls her awesome five year old around on that plush looking deck. Says that, living on a boat and having, y'know, stairs to deal with, a larger cargo bike would really be hard to deal with. Barbara had great things to say about her bike. I am very excited to try a midtail myself. The platform seems like a no-brainer for a one kid family.

Dave and Dave on a Big Dummy on the Burke Gilman Trail. Dave Junior riding sidesaddle in a sharp white dress shirt and Dad Dave riding bareheaded and smiling (and him a paramedic!)

In Pedal Parents I trust.

Check out the sweet new lid! Chapeau, Little Robot!

I cannot fathom why this yarnbombed house has not been picked up and moved to MoMA, or at least to SAM by now! This is art! It is like a hipster Christo and Jeanne-Claude! I used to dream of starting a bike shop in this building but now it looks like it'll be the new home for Ada's Technical Books, a kinda progressive, hacker's bookstore. That's a pretty good use for the place, too!

Okay, that's enough blogging for now. Nite-nite!