Intermediate Pedal Parenting: What We've Learned So Far

Little Oil turned three the other week! We first took to the wheel together on her first birthday, so while she turns three as a Human, she turns two as a Velocipedian. Two years! I'd say that that officially makes me an Intermediate Pedal Parent!

Here is some of what we've learned so far:

  • Helping a child learn to talk with rides in a front mounted seat is sublime. There is so much to name along the path of a bike ride. Apparently, most things can be called, "Doggie."
  • Babysigns do have their limits. It turns out she was asking for the water bottle.
  • Do use a front seat while you can. They get heavier. And heavier.
  • Don't trust your kickstand. I'm sure it means well, but it will spill your kid. When the right stand comes along, get it, install it. Now you have a jungle gym, as well as a bicycle. Awesome.
  • When climbing, feel free to ask your passenger to go ahead and push on your back. It helps. It shouldn't, but it helps.
  • There is room for as many imaginary friends as you wanna bring on the deck of an Xtracycle.
  • Raingear. And layers. And blankets.
  • Naps with a lolling helmeted head are not apparently as uncomfortable for the Pedaled Passenger as they look. Still, a little concession to comfort would be welcomed, I'm sure.
  • When roadside, fixing a flat, keeping the Pedaled Passenger engaged and focused on the task at hand is in everyone's best interest.
  • Cargo bikes are more complicated machines than simple bikes. That's why one needs to pay attention to their noises, their clicks and groans. If it clicks and groans, get it checked out.
  • Pedal Parents are a good community to be a part of. Kidical Mass is an excellent playdate. Moms on bikes are cool.
  • Its not about the bike. Its about the wildlife. The Wild Life.
  • Actually, its all about your family.
Pedaler's Fair


Any of you out there want to throw your own tips into the mix? Thanks!